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Electronic Component Datasheets

Power converters

  • BQ25504 – Ultra Low Power Boost Converter with Battery Management for Energy Harvester Applications
  • TPS61220/1/2 Boost Converter – Low Input Voltage Step-up Converter, 0.7 V to 5.5 V
  • CoolSET-F2 – Off-Line SMPS Current Mode Controller with integrated 650V/800V CoolMOS
  • XC9128/29 1A Driver Transistor Built-In, Step-Up DC/DC Converters, 0.8V min input
  • TPS61202 Low input voltage synchronous boost converter with 1.3 A switches, 0.3V min input
  • NCP1450-D PWM Step−up DC−DC Controller, 0.9V min input, external MOSFET
  • XC9131 1A Driver Transistor Built-In, Multi Functional Step-Up DC/DC Converters, 0.65V min input

Step-down switching regulators




  • IHW30N100R – Reverse Conducting IGBT with monolithic body diode

LED controllers/drivers

  • BCR205W – Ultra low dropout LED controller, LED Drivers for Low Power LEDs
  • BCR402R – LED Driver
  • TLE 4242 G – Adjustable LED Driver



  • FOD8316 – 2.5A Output Current, IGBBT Drive Optocoupler with Desaturation Detection and Isolated Fault Sensing

Embedded PCs

  • nanoX-TCR – Extreme Rugged™ COM Express® Type 10 Mini-size Computer-on-Module with Intel® Atom™ Processor E6xxT

Processors and ASICs


PWM Controllers

  • ICE2QS03 – Quasi-resonant PWM controller for off-line switch power supplies

Motor Driver ICs


Sensors and sensor processing systems


Solar power converters

  • CompactRIO – Solar Energy Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller


  • BCV26, BCV46 – PNP Silicon Darlington Transistors
  • BCV61 – NPN Silicon Double Transistor
  • BF799 – NPN Silicon RF Transistor
  • BFR949L3 – NPN Silicon RF Transistor

Passive components


Circuit protection components

  • miniSMDC110F-2 – PolySwitch miniSMDC110F-2 1.1 A resettable fuse
  • miniSMDC014 – PolySwitch miniSMDC014 140 mA resettable fuse

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