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Development Software

C and Forth Programming languages and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for the Mosaic product line

This page points to descriptions of the Development Software provided with Mosaic's microcontroller products, as well as available programming languages.

Mosaic Industries provides a suite of software development tools to simplify your programming. These comprehensive tools include an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with editor and terminal, C and Forth compilers, assembler, interactive debugger, multitasking operating system, modular device drivers, precoded libraries, Graphical User Interface (GUI) toolkit with its source code generator, and a graphics image converter. Extensive documentation with precoded sample programs helps you finish your application development quickly.


▼ Available Software ▼


Mosaic IDE

Embedded Software IDE The Mosaic IDE provides a full-featured text editor with source-code coloring of keywords and comments. The Mosaic IDE is used to develop for the QCard Users Guide, Handheld (Legacy), QScreen Controller, QVGA (Legacy). Forth and Control-C languages are supported.


Mosaic IDE Plus

New Embedded IDE New! The Mosaic IDE Plus provides a text editor with source-code coloring, project management, and a catalog of demo programs. The Mosaic IDE Plus is used to develop for the PDQ Board Users Guide. Forth and GNU C languages are supported. To see changes from the Mosaic IDE, see this document.



▼ Available Programming Languages ▼



forth language programming Forth is a simple yet powerful programming language using postfix syntax. Forth allows the interpreter and compiler to reside on the target hardware, giving you the ability to interactively define new routines and immediately execute and debug them.



c language programming The C language is a procedural programming language with facilities for structured programming. It provides low-level access to memory, including memory-mapped control registers. Mosaic's computers run two types of C, Control-C for v4 kernels, and GNU C for v6 kernels.



Products by IDE

A list of all Mosaic Controllers and coresponding IDEs

IDE OS Kernel Products
Mosaic IDE v4.0x
Mosaic IDE v4.4x QCard, QScreen,
Mosaic IDE Plus v6.0x PDQ Board,
PDQ Board Lite

Application software development


Development Support Software

Mosaic Terminal

c-ide-software-development:mosaicterminal_0000.png The Mosaic Terminal allows users to transfer programs to a Mosaic controller board and to save data sent by the Mosaic controller to a file on a PC. With its simple intuitive menu and user-friendly features, the Mosaic Terminal facilitates application development and helps you load, run, test and troubleshoot your application software.

This page is about: GNU C Compiler, IDE & Text Editor with Source-code Coloring, Project Management. Catalog of Demonstration Programs for Data Acquisition and Instrument Control. Forth Interpreter, Compiler & Interactive Debugger on Target Hardware – Describes C and Forth Programming languages, built-in device driver libraries, and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for the Mosaic product line