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GUI/Touchscreen Controllers

Control your instrument with a touchscreen or matrix button graphical user interface.

Mosaic's embedded computers combined with displays and touchscreen-operated graphical user interfaces (GUI) offer a low cost solution to instrument control. Engineers designing embedded hardware will find our QScreen Controller ideal for numerous HMI (human-machine interface) applications that require a programmable controller and an integrated smart user interface. A touch panel display, a powerful microcontroller, Ethernet or WiFi connectivity, sophisticated GUI tools for programming hundreds of screens, compact flash mass memory, and many flavors of expandable I/O will make your system more flexible and efficient without compromising its affordability.


Source code generator makes interface design easy

Used for scientific instruments, robotics, or process control, our touchscreen controllers come with a set of complementary features including a proven real time operating system (RTOS) and precoded device drivers. With the help of Mosaic's GUI Toolkit and the GUI Builder you can design control and monitoring screens ranging from simple switchboards to sophisticated diagrams of entire processes. And you don't have to worry about the source code; the GUI Builder will generate it for you.

Qscreen™ Controller
QScreen Controller

Legacy GUI Controllers

These products are not available for new designs; for existing customers, click through for the relevant documentation.

The Mosaic Handheld™ (Legacy)
Handheld (Legacy)
QVGA™ Controller (Legacy)
QVGA (Legacy)
This page is about: SBC with GUI Graphical User Interface & RTOS (real Time Operating System), Single Board Computers, Embedded Computers, Microcontroller Input-output IO I/O, HMI, Human-machine Interface – Mosaic's embedded computers combined with displays and touchscreen operated graphical user interfaces (GUI) offer a low cost solution to SCADA & instrument control. They directly host IO expansion boards and include pre-coded graphics and device driver software.