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Application Notes

The following is a list of application notes that are available from Mosaic Industries. If you have any questions about any of the application notes or code examples, feel free to contact us.

These files are in PDF (Portable Document Format) format. You may download the open-source Sumatra PDF Viewer here.

App No Title Size
MI-AN-001 Implementation of Keypad Buffer to Enter Numbers 24K
MI-AN-004 Defining Characters for the LCD Module 14K
MI-AN-006 Using Array to Store 1000 12 Bit A/D Samples 13K
MI-AN-008 QED Noise Suppression for Driving High Current Loads 18K
MI-AN-009 I2C Implementation 29K
MI-AN-010 Level Shifter (-2V/+2V - +0.5V/+4.5V) 14K
MI-AN-011 Level Shifter ( +1V/+6V - 0V/+5V) 15 K
MI-AN-012 Recursive Example 10K
MI-AN-013 QEDII - Okaya Graphics Display Interface 11K
MI-AN-014 Serial Message Transmit Example 11K
MI-AN-015 Bipolar A/D fix 10K
MI-AN-016 Slow Display Fix 9K
MI-AN-017 8364 Visibility Sensor 20K
MI-AN-018 Median Window Smoothing 15K
MI-AN-019 Date to String Conversion 14K
MI-AN-020 250msec Regenerative Timer 14K
MI-AN-021 Set/Clear Bits for a Unidirectional Latch 11K
MI-AN-022 Custom Characters 16K
MI-AN-022 Custom Characters in C 18K
MI-AN-023 Bar Graph Text 16K
MI-AN-024 How to use a Digital I/O board 61K
MI-AN-025 How to use an ICS Backplane Board 21 K
MI-AN-026 Level Shifter III 15 K
MI-AN-027 How To Copy Contents of EEPROM From One Board to Another 14K
MI-AN-028 Serial Data Formatting 15K
MI-AN-029 COP Installation for production boards 16K
MI-AN-030 Serial Data Formatting 2 18K
MI-AN-033 Programmable Regenerative Timer 16K
MI-AN-035 Placing Characters on Hitachi Graphics Display 10K
MI-AN-036 Creating a Lookup Table Using Control C 13K
MI-AN-037 Real Time Clock Update Time 16K
MI-AN-038 Queued Serial 26K
MI-AN-039 Controlling Stepper Motors With The QED Board 76K
MI-AN-040 Driving a Relay and a Relay Contact Snubbing 20K
MI-AN-041 Setting Up Input Capture 1 to Interrupt on Rising Edge 11K
MI-AN-042 Finding Stack Overflows Using C 11K
MI-AN-043 Software Pulse Counter and Input Port Scanner 18K
MI-AN-044 Updating Variables Over Serial Connection 13K
MI-AN-045 EPROM C Code with Access to Interactive Function Calls 11K
MI-AN-046 Setting Up Input Capture 1 to Interrupt on a Debounced Rising Edge 14K
MI-AN-047 Exiting a Loop Early in Forth 11K
MI-AN-048 Fast Key Emit 16K
MI-AN-049 Setting Up and Reading the Pulse Accumulator 15K
MI-AN-050 Conversion of HEX ASCII Floating Point Number to Binary IEEE Format 25K
MI-AN-051 Quadrature Encoder Detection 13K
MI-AN-054 Manufacturers of Membrane Switch Keypads 14K
MI-AN-055 Integers FFTs of Real Waveforms on the QED Board 179K
MI-AN-056 A PWM Algorithm with Optimal Averaging Properties 42K
MI-AN-057 Greater Resolution for the QED's 8-bit DAC 46K
MI-AN-058 Using Port PPA for PWM or as a DAC 41K
MI-AN-059 Controlling the QED Digital-to-Analog Converter from an Interrupt Service Routine 26K
MI-AN-060 MC68HC11 Output Port Drive Capability 21K
MI-AN-061 No "OK" Interpreter 15K
MI-AN-062 C PROM Burner 16K
MI-AN-064 QED4 Math Benchmarks 8K
MI-AN-072 Controlling Stepper Motors with Power I/O Wildcard 239K

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