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We offer low cost Starter Kits for our c programmable single board computers (SBC) and operator interfaces ideal for instrument design and embedded design applications. Engineers designing embedded hardware will find our products ideal for numerous embedded applications. Use them for embedded systems control, robotics, data acquisition, data logging, data analysis, and communications in instruments and automation.

All of Mosaic Starter Kits come complete with a power supply, serial communications cable, documentation, free rtos and embedded multitasking programming tools. You will get everything you need to start programming immediately. QED-Forth programming language and development software in onboard ROM are provided with all Mosaic embedded products at no additional charge.

Free embedded software

Mosaic operator interface products sport powerful embedded gui toolkits: The Graphics Converter application runs on a PC and converts your custom images into graphics that can be displayed by your embedded microcontroller. The GUI Builder program runs on the target controller board, allowing you to quickly design and place your buttons and graphics in a menu-based system, while generating the GUI source code for you! The GUI Toolkit is the runtime engine that processes user inputs (touchscreen or keypad presses) and manages the user interface.

Our comprehensive documentation packages explain every aspect of the hardware and software and provide coded examples to help you take advantage of all the features of Mosaic's powerful instrument controllers. A C compiler and many options and accessories are also available.

Expandable I/O for Embedded System Design

Need more I/O for your embedded system design? Add Mosaic Wildcards to the Starter Kit of your choice. You can directly stack Wildcard expansion modules onto Mosaic embedded products to add functionality such as embedded Ethernet or WiFi webserver, GPS tracking, CF card mass memory, high resolution D/A and A/D and much more .

PDQ Board Starter Kit - Single Board HCS12 Controller

kit to develop a fast SBC for data acquisition & instrument control

Get your project off to a quick and easy start with the PDQ Board - our new versatile embedded HSC12 single board computer.

This small but powerful embedded real time controller packs 1 megabyte of memory, communications, dozens of analog and digital I/O lines, and dual expansion I/O buses onto a compact 2.5" x 4" low-cost board. It is ideal for instrumentation, industrial control, automation, and data acquisition.

The Starter Kit includes:

  • The PDQ Board with a superfast Motorola hcs12 9s12 processor, 512K on-chip Flash and 512K RAM with shadowed Flash backup
  • Real time clock
  • External 8VDC power adapter
  • Docking Panel to provide a power supply and convenient connectors for the PDQ Board and for up to 8 Wildcards
  • CD with full documentation and Mosaic IDE Plus integrated development environment

To communicate with the PDQ Board via USB, order the PDQB-SK-USB version which includes a USB to RS232 adapter cable

To order: Part # PDQB-SK or Part # PDQB-SK-USB

Detailed Description of the PDQ Board.

QCard Development Kit - Low Cost Tiny Embedded Computer

development kit for single board computer

Bring your embedded systems projects to market faster with this inexpensive package. The QCard Controller packs a programmable computer, up to 1 megabyte of memory, communications, analog and digital I/O, and an expansion I/O bus on a tiny low-cost board. The super small single board computer kit includes:

  • The QCard - a tiny SBC measuring just 2"x2.5"
  • Real time clock
  • 512K Flash and 128K RAM
  • 4"x2.5" version of the PowerDock to provide mechanical and electronic platform for your QCard and up to 8 expansion I/O modules also known as Wildcards (modules not included)
  • 8VDC wall-mount power supply
  • CD with full documentation and Forth development environment

To communicate with the QCard via USB, order the QCSK-USB version which includes a USB to RS232 adapter cable

To order: Part # QCSK or Part # QCSK-USB

Detailed Description of the QCard.

QScreen Controller Starter Kit - Embedded Single Board Computer with Advanced Operator Interface

design kit for operator interface with touchscreen and GUI

Everything you need to develop a prototype instrument with an advanced GUI for your real time system. The QScreen Controller combines a C-programmable single-board computer with a touchscreen-operated graphical user interface. The development kit includes:

  • The QScreen Controller
  • Real time clock
  • 512K RAM and 1 MB Flash
  • 14 VDC power supply and cables
  • CD with full documentation and Forth development environment
  • For a sleek look, add the black anodized bezel or see "Enclosure" section

To communicate with the QScreen via USB, order the QSSK-USB version which includes a USB to RS232 adapter cable

To order: Part # QSSK or Part # QSSK-USB

Detailed Description of the QScreen Controller.

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