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QED Embedded Controller Products

Since 1985 Mosaic Industries, an embedded system manufacturer, has been providing solutions to customers around the world. Mosaic develops and manufactures low cost I/O-rich single board computers, operator interfaces, graphical user interfaces and development tools for embedded control, data acquisition and communications in instruments and automation.

A major trend in embedded industrial applications is toward integration - integration of operator interfaces, real-time control, data acquisition, modular I/O, and network communications - all in compact, easily programmed packages. State-of-the-art instruments and control systems now must cross boundaries with functionality that spans the chain-of-command from data acquisition up through networking and enterprise management. As a consequence, board-level embedded computers must do it all - deal directly with sensors and actuators, implement control and analysis, interact intelligently through a front panel, and serve out data to a network.

We offer custom, off-the-shelf board-level computers that combine ready-to-use modular I/O with preprogrammed device drivers and an easily programmed, object oriented graphical user interface. Well parsed modular solutions combine the hardware and software needed to give our customers a running start on application development and fast time-to-market.

Single Board Computers

single board computers

Our versatile board level computers are an ideal solution for data acquisition, measurement, real-time control, signal processing, and communications.

Developer Packages

embedded system packages

Everything you need to rapidly prototype and develop an instrument is included. A detailed documentation package is provided with each kit, so you can start programming right away.


printers and cables

Thermal printers, cables and adapters, SRAM and compact flash memory cards, QED documentation packages.


embedded software

Mosaic controllers support interactive programming in C, Forth, and assembly.


Operator Interfaces

instrument controllers and operator interfaces

Powerful controller / GUI / touchscreen combos for any type of instrument control.

Expandable I/O

I/O modules

Expand the measurement and control capabilities of Mosaic's controllers by using QED-WildCards - small (2.5"x2.0") stackable I/O expansion boards that you can mix and match to create your own custom system.

Bezels & Enclosures

embedded controller enclosures

For a professional look, add a bezel or an enclosure to house the controller of your choice.

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