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PDQ Board Overview
Using the PDQ Board's HCS12/9S12 - An Introduction to Software and Hardware Interfacing

Learning to use and program the PDQ Board

The user guide for the PDQ Board is intended for those learning embedded system design and programming based on the Freescale HCS12/9S12 microcontroller. The PDQ Board is an excellent platform to become adept at software and hardware interfacing the HCS12/9S12 processors. We hope that this guide will help you turn your ideas into products.

This page is intended as a short form guide to the available software and hardware interfacing topics.

Be sure to peruse the introductory chapters, about:


Hardware interfacing

Throughout the user's manual, supportive examples clearly illustrate all applications of the HCS12 core and peripheral functions. Each hardware interface is supported by pre-coded device drivers that you can use directly from the high-level C language. For example, you can learn how to:


Software interfacing

Throughout the user's guide, numerous C language examples will show you step-by-step how to program the HCS12 and its many peripheral functions.

You'll learn to use the Mosaic IDE Plus, a full featured development environment and compiler based on the GNU C open source compiler, and customized for the expanded memory model used by the PDQ Board.

The IDE also includes hundreds device drivers and reusable utility functions to speed your programming. A subject sorted listing of the C functions will give you an idea of the scope and breadth of the software already written for you.

In particular, be sure to peruse the chapters about:

This page is about: PDQ Board Overview – HCS12/9S12 An Introduction to Software and Hardware Interfacing