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Mosaic IDE Plus

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Mosaic IDE Plus

Welcome to the Mosaic IDE Plus™. The GNU C IDE (integrated development environment) provides all the tools for you to edit, compile, debug, test, download, and deploy your C language application on the PDQ Board Single Board Computer (SBC). Using the IDE makes it easy to compose programs in the C language to implement instrument control and automation applications that take full advantage of all the IO capability of the Freescale 9S12 (HCS12) microcontroller. The Mosaic IDE Plus Users Guide is a separate document that covers all the features of this program.

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This page is about: GNU C IDE (integrated Development Environment), Lets You Edit, Compile, Debug, Test, Download, and Deploy Your Instrument Control Application Application, Use All IO of Freescale 9S12 (HCS12) Microcontroller – Use the Mosaic IDE Plus™ integrated development environment to edit, compile, download, debug, test, and deploy your application on the PDQ Board Single Board Computer (SBC). IDE