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Mosaic IDE Plus

How to use the Integrated Development Environment to write high performance instrument control software using C or Forth

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Welcome to the Mosaic IDE Plus™. The Mosaic IDE Plus (integrated development environment) provides all the tools for you to edit, compile, debug/test, and deploy your embedded application on your Mosaic Industries PDQ Board.

This software suite runs on any Windows PC and provides

  • project management tools,
  • a source code editor,
  • a customized GNU C compiler, and
  • assembler.

This customized IDE tool chain is based on the Code::Blocks open-source IDE, and includes the open-source GNU C (GCC) compiler ported to compile code for the Freescale 9S12 (HCS12) microcontroller. You can program in the standard C language using GCC, or in Forth, an interactive embedded language interpreted and compiled natively on the PDQ Board, designed for rapid development.

The Mosaic IDE Plus provides a full application programming interface (API) to the PDQ Board's processor. The Freescale 9S12 (HCS12) processor is a sophisticated microcontroller containing numerous I/O (input/output) subsystems for timed digital I/O, analog I/O and communications, each with suites of internal registers to control their behavior. To simplify the use of the processor's IO, the Mosaic IDE Plus provides precoded drivers for all of the 9S12 I/O subsystems. Using these built-in drivers you do not need to directly access the processor's control registers, but instead you can call high level drivers that implement simple and sensible functions.

The PDQ Board Users Guide provides you with a good introduction to hardware and software interfacing. Each chapter focuses on one of the processor's I/O subsystems, and describes the device drivers available to fully use it.


Downloading the Mosaic IDE Plus

A Mosaic IDE Plus installer USB drive is included with Mosaic Industries' PDQ Board Starter Kit. If you'd like to begin developing applications for the PDQ Board now, you may download the Mosaic IDE Plus installer here:

Download the Mosaic IDE Plus
Mosaic IDE Plus Rev 1636 (2016-09-09) - 13 MB (13,789,129 bytes)
  • SHA1 sum: b71eb82031ff241b3ae32b444611c89485d2efd5


  • Unlike the USB drive distribution, this installer does not include documentation PDF files.
  • Compiled code from versions less than 1500 will differ from code generated using this version, which may be important if your application requires careful change management. However, there have also been significant optimizations to the memory map used in compiling the code for the PDQ Board and PDQ Board Lite, and most importantly, the Mosaic IDE Plus now includes a beta version of our exciting new WebSocket Front Panel library, allowing any device with a web browser to be used as your instrument's human-machine interface. Download and run this installer, and then build and load the "Websocket Basic IO Demo" on your PDQ Board with Ethersmart Wildcard to get started.
Mosaic IDE Plus 1400-Legacy Branch
Click here to download and save the legacy revision of the Mosaic IDE Plus installer:

Mosaic IDE Plus Rev 1437-Legacy (2014-09-15) - 18 MB (18,241,035 bytes)

  • SHA1 sum: 6eb6d5909bfe1eead3b9da205995f20e855cde3a

If you have compiled code from a revision of Mosaic IDE Plus earlier than 1500 and careful change management is important to your application, this revision of Mosaic IDE Plus will produce the same compiled code as any version in the 1400 series, and compiled code will differ marginally from the 1200 series. For more details, Contact Us.


Upgrading a Previous Mosaic IDE Plus Installation

If you have an existing Mosaic IDE Plus installation with a revision lower than 1300 (In Mosaic IDE Plus, go to Help→ About… to find the revision number) and would like to install a newer revision, first uninstall the existing Mosaic IDE Plus on your computer by opening either the "Add/Remove Programs" control panel or the "Programs and Features" control panel, highlighting Mosaic IDE Plus, and clicking Uninstall. Note that the directory C:\MosaicPlus\my_projects\ is left in place when you uninstall Mosaic IDE Plus, and your existing projects will be saved so you can continue working on them with the newer version. If you have an existing installation of a Mosaic IDE Plus revision later than 1300, it is not necessary to uninstall it before installing the latest version.


Get Started

Lets get started with Chapter 1 which gives some background and introduces the software.

Or you can go to Chapters:

You can find the following documents pertaining to the Mosaic IDE Plus:

See also → PDQ Board Users Guide

This page is about: How to Use Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Write High Performance Instrument Control Software, Using C or Forth Programming Languages – The Mosaic IDE Plus (integrated development environment) provides all the tools for you to edit, compile, debug/test, and deploy your embedded application on your embedded controller products.