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A major trend in embedded industrial applications is toward integration – operator interfaces, real-time control, data acquisition, modular I/O, and network communications now tend to come in a single compact, easily programmed package. State-of-the-art board-level embedded computers must do it all – deal directly with sensors and actuators, implement control and analysis, interact intelligently through a front panel, and serve out data to a network.


embedded controller, single board computer


graphical user interface

Expansion I/O

expansion I/O modules

Use Mosaic embedded controllers for numerous applications, such as:

Choose among our core computer products for the one best suited for your application. You may need a single board embedded computer or an operator interface with touchscreen and graphic display.

Need additional I/O?

Choose among mix-and-match expansion I/O modules called WildCards that will best suit your needs. The Wildcards implement a wide variety of user interface, communications, data acquisition and control capabilities, including a GPS tracking system, octal 12-bit D/A and 16-bit A/D converters, a 24-bit resolution analog data acquisition subsystem, a Compact Flash card mass memory interface, a fast buffered RS232/485 dual UART, high voltage/high current isolated I/O, AC or DC solid state relays, and a budget character display/alpha-numeric keypad interface.

Need web connectivity?

Consider adding embedded Ethernet or WiFi communications to the instrument controller of your choice.Turn your instrument into an embedded webserver by adding Mosaic's EtherSmart Wildcard, or a WiFi Wildcard. The EtherSmart/WiFi Wildcards implement a dynamic webserver that accepts connections from your web browser, serving out static or dynamic web pages.

Give us a call - our friendly, knowledgeable application engineers will help you specify the core components best suited to your new product.

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