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Solid state relays for opto-isolated control of
AC and DC loads

Solid state relays (SSR) are small electronic switches that have no moving parts, as opposed to electromechanical relays. The major benefits of using solid state relays is their almost unlimited life cycle due to the absence of mechanical wear, and their safety and reliability when switching large voltages and currents with no sparks, or contact bounce, or noise.

Mosaic offers solid state relays for optically isolated control of both AC and DC loads. Our embedded controllers can directly host up to eight SSR expansion modules at once for numerous industrial applications, from control of electrical heaters, pumps and motor starters to on/off switching of lighting systems.

Select your custom off-the-shelf system for AC/DC control

Embedded Controllers

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Operator Interfaces

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Expansion I/O Modules

expansion I/O modules for instrument control

ac solid state relayA single AC Solid State Relay Wildcard provides independent control of up to four, 5 amp AC devices. Each AC relay is fully isolated from the others and switches at zero crossings of the AC line. Use the AC Solid State Relay WildCard to turn on and off larger relays, motors, pumps, heaters, refrigerators, valves, and fans.

dc solid state relayThe DC Solid State Relay Wildcard gives you optically isolated control of up to three, 3 amp DC devices. Activation of solenoids, motors, pumps, heaters, relays, valves, thermoelectric coolers and fans is a snap with this Wildcard. Each relay supports high or low side switching from a common supply. Fly-back, transient and surge protection provide safe and reliable control of inductive loads.

high current, high voltage DC load controlThe Power I/O Wildcard, a low side switches module, can directly control high current/ high voltage DC devices. With its eight high-current outputs and four high-voltage digital inputs, optically isolated to 2500 volts, this heavy duty Wildcard can interface high voltage peripherals to your instrumentation or automation project.

All the Wildcards include pre-coded device drivers providing full high level access to their functions using either the C or Forth programming languages. Mosaic's embedded controllers and Wildcard series promote a high level of software/hardware integration for rapid prototyping of new products.

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