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Sensor calibration made easy with Mosaic
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Operation and control of complex industrial systems very often rely on the measurements of process monitoring sensors.Out-of-calibration sensors may result in misinterpretation of the system state and can cause significant equipment damage. Periodic sensor calibrations are required in most process industries to assure precision and quality of sensor operations and to combat drifts in sensor intrumentation.

Use Mosaic Controllers for real-time, continuous sensor calibration monitoring to reduce maintenance costs associated with time consuming manual sensor calibration.

We provide a suite of software development tools with all our products to simplify your programming. These comprehensive tools include:

All Mosaic controllers include pre-coded device drivers providing full high level access to their functions using either the C or Forth programming languages.

Pre-coded I/O drivers facilitate sensor calibration, data acquisition, pulse width modulation, motor control, PID control, frequency measurement, data analysis, data logging, analog control, and communications.

Extensive documentation with precoded sample programs helps you finish your application quickly.

Embedded Controllers

instrument controller, single board computer

Operator Interfaces

instrument controller with graphical user interface

Expansion I/O Modules

expansion I/O modules for instrument control

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