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Mosaic offers versatile and affordable solutions for instrument control

The dramatically lowered costs of electronics as well as the remarkable advances in personal computing and connectivity have caused a significant breakthrough in instrument control. A modern, state-of-the-art instrument controller now must do it all – seamlessly connect to any instrument, deal directly with sensors and actuators, implement control and analysis, interact intelligently through a front panel, and serve out data to a local area network or the web. That's exactly what Mosaic controllers do!

Embedded Controllers

instrument controller, single board computer

Operator Interfaces

instrument controller with graphical user interface

Expansion I/O Modules

expansion I/O modules for instrument control

Powerful, yet low-cost instrument controllers

We offer custom, off-the-shelf portable instrument controllers that combine powerful microcontrollers, ready-to-use modular I/O with preprogrammed device drivers and an easily programmed, object oriented graphical user interface. This modular approach allows endless configuration options for all levels of complexity. Well parsed modular solutions combine the hardware and software needed to give our customers a running start on application development and fast time-to-market.

Remote instrument control: diverse connectivity options

All Mosaic controllers have dual RS232 and RS485 serial ports. You can add USB, UART, GPS, Ethernet, or WiFi communications for more flexibility. Built-in software that comes with the Ethersmart or WiFi Wildcards allows you to remotely monitor your instrument, send emails from the instrument, serve out static and dynamic web pages to your PC-based browser, and implement serial data exchanges known as serial tunneling with peripheral devices. By adding an embedded GPS module, you can design a mobile instrument that knows exactly where it is and how fast it is moving by accessing signals from Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites.

Intelligent control of sensors and actuators

Mosaic instrument controllers combined with expansion I/O modules are ideal for interfacing and control of different sensors (thermistors, RTDs, flow sensors, pressure transducers, 4-20 mA transmitters, humidity sensors, etc.) and actuators (solenoid valves, solid state relays, control valves, hydraulic pistons etc).

Intuitive, easily programmable graphical user interface

Mosaic's tiny yet fully featured instrument controllers boast touchscreen controlled graphical user interfaces. You can design your instrument's front panel, using hundreds of screens, each with software configurable buttons. A precoded menu manager simplifies menu-driven control, making it easy to define buttons, menus, and their associated actions. The display screens and graphics objects are quickly developed with most Windows paint programs, such as PC Paintbrush, allowing you to create sophisticated screens, including your company logo, system diagrams, and icon-based control panels. Real-time data plotting routines are precoded for you, so the user can see what your instrument is doing.

Precoded device drivers for data acquisition and instrument control

All Mosaic controllers and expansion modules come complete with powerful yet easy-to-use software that allows you to collect, process, analyse, export, and display data. These comprehensive tools include:

All Mosaic controllers include pre-coded device drivers providing full high level access to their functions using either the C or Forth programming languages.

Pre-coded I/O drivers facilitate instrument control: data acquisition, pulse width modulation, motor control, PID control, frequency measurement, data analysis, data logging, analog control, and communications.

Extensive documentation with precoded sample programs helps you finish your application quickly.

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