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Embedded email

One of the major trends in embedded OEM design is to empower modern instruments with embedded internet and embedded email capabilities. Using a web browser, you can check the status of your instrument or diagnose problems. But being able to browse into your instrument or product from a web browser isn't enough. Outgoing e-mail capability is essential so that your product can take the initiative to send out a message, in either machine- or human-readable form, even when it's not being browsed. A state-of-the-art networked instrument controller must be able to spontaneously send an email to a designated recipient at a certain moment (for exanple, to communicate alarms, diagnostics, or regular data logging or data transfer).

Add embedded email to your instrument

We offer two expansion modules: the Ethersmart Wildcard and/or the WiFi Wildcard to add web-connectivity to Mosaic's instrument controllers. The EtherSmart Wildcard provides wired Ethernet connectivity, and the WiFi Wildcard provides wireless 802.11b/g connectivity. These two tiny 2" by 2.5" boards are implemented using similar hardware, and a common software driver supports both. Built-in remote access software lets you send emails from the instrument, serve out static and dynamic web pages to your PC-based browser, and implement serial data exchanges known as serial tunneling with peripheral devices.

Pre-coded remote access software enables email communications

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is implemented to enable the EtherSmart/WiFi Wildcard to send outgoing email to a mail server on the LAN (Local Area Network). The recipient, destination IP (Internet Protocol) address, subject and email contents can be dynamically controlled by the application program. Outgoing emails can be used by your instrument to send alerts or status updates.

If you need to send an email to a destination that is not on the LAN or WLAN (Wireless LAN), address the email to the gateway (router) computer's IP address, and ask your system administrator to configure the gateway to "relay" (forward) the email to the desired destination. You can send a message to either Wildcard by using a serial tunneling connection or a forms-based web connection. "Serial tunneling" is a name for an exchange of serial data between two computers, typically using the TCP/IP protocol.

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