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Affordable single board computers sport touchscreen controlled human machine interface, HMI

Operator interface, also known as man-machine interface (MMI) or human-machine-interface (HMI) is a means of iteraction between a person and a system (a machine, electronic device, or computer program). The ability to input data and read the output allows the operator to control the system.

Versatile and affordable operator interface products
for your instrument's front panel

Mosaic's embedded computers combined with displays and touchscreen operated graphical user interfaces (GUI) offer a low cost solution to instrument control. Our HMI / MMI / GUI products are ideal for numerous OEM applications that require a programmable hand-held controller and a smart user interface. A touch panel display; a powerful microcontroller; Ethernet or WiFi connectivity; sophisticated gui tools for programming hundreds of screens; compact flash mass memory; and many flavors of expandable I/O will make your system more flexible and efficient without compromising its affordability.

We offer many off-the-shelf options to the standard configuration. Combined with mix-and-match expandable I/O, this allows endless configuration options for all levels of complexity – from simple front panel applications to complex networked SCADA systems.

Source code generator makes front panel design easy

Ideal for scientific instruments, robotics, or process control, our affordable embedded computers come with a set of complementary features including real time operating system software, and precoded device drivers. With the help of Mosaic's GUI Toolkit and the GUI Builder you can design hundreds of screens with different levels of graphical user interface - from simple switchboards to sophisticated diagrams of entire processes. And you don't have to worry about the source code, the GUI Builder will generate it for you.

Embedded webserver for a remote HMI

Need web connectivity? Consider adding embedded Ethernet or WiFi communications to the instrument controller of your choice.Turn your instrument into an embedded webserver by adding Mosaic's EtherSmart Wildcard, or a WiFi Wildcard. The EtherSmart/WiFi Wildcards implement a dynamic webserver that accepts connections from your web browser, serving out static or dynamic web pages. The web interface can be used to implement a "remote front panel" on instruments that contain a graphical user interface and a touchscreen. A replica of the GUI screen can be presented in the browser window on a remote PC that will enable mouse clicks to mimic the action of touches on the instrument's touchscreen. You can remotely control the instrument or process, download data, or adjust control parameters with a remote HMI.

Choose among our core computer products for the one best suited for your application. You may need a single board embedded computer or a human-machine interface with touchscreen and graphic display.

Need additional I/O? Choose among the mix-and-match Wildcard I/O modules for those best suited to your needs.

Give us a call - our friendly, knowledgeable application engineers will help you specify the core components best suited to your new product.


instrument controller, single board computer


instrument front panel with human-machine interface

Expansion I/O

expansion I/O modules for instrument control

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