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Analog I/O Wildcard

16 Bit Resolution ADC DAC This general purpose 16-bit ADC and 12-bit DAC features eight channels unipolar, single-ended or four channels unipolar, differential 16-bit resolution analog voltage inputs and eight channels of 12-bit resolution analog voltage outputs. Inputs and outputs use onboard or external references, and the onboard references are optionally provided as excitations for external circuitry.

This tiny 2" by 2.5" board is a member of the Wildcard series of mezzanine boards that connect to Mosaic embedded computers, microcontrollers and instrument controllers. A field header brings out the analog I/O signals for the reference, DAC outputs, and A/D inputs. Use it for analog data acquisition, high-resolution analog digital conversion, data logging, measuring thermistors and RTDs, interfacing to analog sensors and actuators, instrumentation, or other high resolution measurement and control.


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This page is about: High Resolution Analog, 16 Bit Voltage Input, 8 Channels, 12 Bit Voltage Output – Analog I/O Wildcard with 8 channels of 16-bit ADC for high resolution voltage measurement and 8 channels of 8-bit DAC for control. analog, data acquisition, 16 bit adc, 12 bit dac