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Digital I/O Wildcard

Compact board delivers up to 20 digital input-output lines for instrumentation and automation applications

Digital I/O Board This tiny 2" by 2.5" mezzanine board connects to Mosaic's line of instrument controllers and microcontroller-based embedded single board computers.

Ideal for PWM (pulse width modulation) control, the Digital I/O Wildcard™ provides plenty of programmable digital inputs and outputs for your OEM instruments or automation application. In addition to its four dedicated digital inputs, there are 16 more configurable channels for either input or output. Using jumpers, you can configure each I/O line for pull-down, pull-up, or tri-state operation, enabling you to set each I-O line's level immediately after power-up and before software initialization.

The I/O lines are software configurable in groups of four as inputs or outputs. Simple memory reads/writes allow you to initialize, write to , and read from any I/O line.

The output current sink capability is sufficient for directly driving LEDs, reed relays, electromagnetic actuators, or other low current devices.


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This page is about: Microcontroller Programmable Digital I/O (input/output) Board Directly Drives LEDs and Relays – Compact board delivers up to 20 logic-level digital input-output lines for instrumentation and automation applications