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Screen Protector

touch screen protective film The Screen Protector is a tough, transparent, non-adhesive, slip-on plastic sheet that protects your touchscreen. While the touchscreen is quite tough itself, it can be scratched by sharp objects, or slowly haze from grit on a person’s fingertips. The screen protector is a sacrificial film that greatly prolongs the life of your touchscreen, and extends its use to extreme environments, from warehouses and shipping docks, to field and laboratory use. While protecting the touchscreen, it is highly transparent and provides a glare-free surface.

One of the main features of the screen protector is that it can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled to extend its lifetime. Under indoor conditions you can expect excellent screen protection over a year, after which you can simply replace the screen protector. Your touchscreen need never become scratched - with protection it should last indefinitely.

The screen protector is made of a super thin, durable plastic, manufactured using a patent-pending technology that provides extended protection against dust, scratches and gouges. It is also abrasion and chemical resistant and provides a high degree of clarity and a glare-free surface. There are no adhesives used to hold screen protector onto the screen. Instead, it is sized so that its edges are retained by the environmental gasket and fit snugly between the touchscreen and the front panel or bezel of your product. The film floats on the surface and provides excellent scratch and abrasion resistance without possibly damaging your screen with adhesive. While only 0.005" thick, it is stiff enough to stay flat on the screen without warping during use. You can easily remove, clean and reinstall it without any damage to the protective screen itself or to the touchscreen.

The screen protector is chemically resistant to alcohols, dilute acide, dilute alkalis, esters, hydrocarbon solvents, ketones and common household cleaning agents. You may safely clean it with an alcohol swab.


Screen Protector for QScreen

The Screen Protector is only offered for the QScreen Controller. With your order we will install the Screen Protector for no charge. The part number is SP-ST.



The Screen Protector is free floating, and has no adhesive. In order to install properly you must also purchase a Gasket and Black Anodized Aluminum Bezel. If you provide your own gasket or bezel, you do not need to purchase them from Mosaic. If you have any questions about properly securing the Touchscreen Protector, please Contact Us.


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This page is about: Screen Protector – touch screen protective film, The Screen Protector is tough, transparent, non adhesive, slip on plastic sheet that protects your touchscreen. While touchscreen is quite tough itself, it can be scratched by sharp objects, or slowly haze from grit on …