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Black Anodized Aluminum Bezels

aluminum bezel for Mosaic touchscreen-operated embedded controllers

Our bezels give a sleek professional look to panel-mount applications. Two sizes are available, measuring 8" x 6" x 0.25" (BZL-QVGA) and 5" x 7" x 0.25" (BZL-ST).
BZL-QVGA mounts to the QVGA Controller, BZL-ST mounts to the QScreen Controller or Panel-Touch Controller.

Environmental Gasket

The Environmental Gasket provides a tight, chemically resistant seal between your touchscreen and bezel, preventing the infiltration of dust or liquids into your instrument front panel. It allows expansion/contraction of the touchscreen surface with temperature variation, preventing touchscreen buckling yet maintains a tight seal.

The gasket uses a highly compressible, highly resilient, slow-rebound cellular urethane. It experiences only negligible compression set and it is specially designed to seal with very low closure force. The gasket retains its sealing properties at constant temperatures to 158F (70C) and can survive intermittent temperatures of up to 250F (121C). It resists most common chemicals and outgasses little.

Two sizes of environmental gaskets are available, measuring 049"x3.875"x5.0" (for BZL-QVGA) and 049"x2.8"x4.9" (for BZL-ST).

We can provide environmental gaskets affixed to our bezels using a 3M pressure sensitive adhesive, or if you desire to seal to your own front panel we can adhesive the gasket to the touchscreen itself. When the controller is then mounted to your front panel it should be spaced so that gasket has a compressed thickness of 0.015". In either case there is no charge for preinstalling the gasket.

Screen Protector

The Screen Protector is a tough, transparent, non-adhesive, slip-on plastic sheet that protects your touchscreen. While the touchscreen is quite tough itself, it can be scratched by sharp objects, or slowly haze from grit on a person's fingertips. The screen protector is a sacrificial film that greatly prolongs the life of your touchscreen, and extends its use to extreme environments, from warehouses and shipping docks, to field and laboratory use. While protecting the touchscreen, it is highly transparent and provides a glare-free surface.

One of the main features of the screen protector is that it can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled to extend its lifetime. Under indoor conditions you can expect excellent screen protection over a year, after which you can simply replace the screen protector. Your touchscreen need never become scratched - with protection it should last indefinitely.

The screen protector is made of a super thin, durable plastic, manufactured using a patent-pending technology that provides extended protection against dust, scratches and gouges. It is also abrasion and chemical resistant and provides a high degree of clarity and a glare-free surface. There are no adhesives used to hold screen protector onto the screen. Instead, it is sized so that its edges are retained by the environmental gasket and fit snugly between the touchscreen and the front panel or bezel of your product. The film floats on the surface and provides excellent scratch and abrasion resistance without possibly damaging your screen with adhesive. While only 0.005" thick, it is stiff enough to stay flat on the screen without warping during use. You can easily remove, clean and reinstall it without any damage to the protective screen itself or to the touchscreen.

The screen protector is chemically resistant to alcohols, dilute acide, dilute alkalis, esters, hydrocarbon solvents, ketones and common household cleaning agents. You may safely clean it with an alcohol swab.

Industrial Control System Enclosure

industrial control system enclosure

Rugged metal enclosure that houses the QED Industrial Control System. Specify the keypad/display option that the enclosure accommodates by replacing the XX in the part number with the suffix of one of the ICS options: AK for character/keypad, GK for graphics/keypad, or GT for graphics/touchscreen.

Product Design Kit Enclosure

metal enclosure for an embedded controller with character display and keypad

Versatile metal enclosure that houses the QED Product Design Kit and has openings for a character display and a keypad.

NEMA-4X Enclosure

A NEMA-4X Enclosure is now available for the QScreen Controller!

NEMA-4x enclosure for Mosaic QScreen controller

Now you can use the Mosaic QScreen almost anywhere with our rugged NEMA-4X stainless steel enclosure! This enclosure protects against corrosion, dust, rain, hose-directed water, and the formation of ice.

  • Constructed with 16-Gauge 304 Stainless Steel
  • Panel Mountable
  • Ideal for industrial applications in severe environments
  • Custom configurations available including EMI shielding, tempered glass, and enhanced solvent resistance

Ordering Information

Products Part No
Black Anodized Aluminum Bezels

Measures 5" x 7" x 0.25". Mounts onto the QScreen Controller.

Measures 8" x 6 x 0.25". Mounts onto the QVGA Controller



Environmental Gasket

Two sizes are available, measuring 049"x3.875"x5.0" (Part No. EG-QVGA sized to fit BZL-QVGA or 320x240 pixel display) and 049"x2.8"x4.9" (Part No. EG-ST sized for BZL-ST or 128x240 pixel display). The environmental gasket mounts to the bezel or to the touchscreen itself.


Screen Protector

A tough, transparent, non-adhesive, slip-on plastic sheet that protects your touchscreen. Currently available in one size to fit 128x240 pixel display


Industrial Control System Enclosure

Houses the QED Industrial Control System:
IEN-AK - Industrial Control System with Character Display/Keypad
IEN-GK - Industrial Control System with Graphics Display/Keyapd


Product Design Kit

Versatile metal enclosure that houses the QED Product Design Kit and has openings for a character display and a keypad.


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