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Precoded I/O Device Drivers facilitate HMI / GUI design

Speed your product to market by taking advantage of an extensive library of pre-coded device drivers. All of the hardware capability of each of Mosaic's embedded controllers is fully supported with easy-to-use library routines, so you can focus on your application rather than on the details of a processor's I/O ports. Pre-coded I/O drivers facilitate data acquisition, pulse width modulation, motor control, PID control, frequency measurement, data analysis, data logging, analog control, and communications.

Analog and Digital I/O Drivers

Fast, optimized drivers for the 8-bit A/D converters and digital ports make it easy to access the built-in analog and digital I/O on all of Mosaic's Controllers. And you can always extend the processor's I/O capability with simple plug-in Wildcards, which come with their own easy-to-use high-level drivers.

Serial Communications

The RS232 and RS485 serial ports of the QCard and QScreen Controllers are supported with configurable device drivers. These revectorable driver routines provide high level access to two build-in serial ports, and a UART Wildcard expansion module provides high-speed, buffered RS232, RS422 or RS485 communications.


An interrupt-based software clock reports elapsed time, and built-in functions set and read a battery-backed real time clock. The processor's timer subsystem provides a free running timer, input capture, output compare, pulse width modulation, frequency generation, computer operating properly (COP) timer, and pulse accumulation - all supported by pre-coded library routines for your convenience.

Interrupt Support

The processor's interrupts are all named and you can easily code interrupt service routines (ISR) in either high level or assembly code. Either way, they are debugged just like any other routine. A simple ATTACH command installs the ISR so that it is called whenever the specified interrupt is activated.

Keypad and Display Interfaces

Responding to user inputs and displaying results are simplified by built-in 5x4 keypad scanning routines and drivers for 4x20 LCD displays. A Keypad/Display Wildcard provides an off-the-shelf user interface for those applications not needing a full-featured graphics display. And for those that do require a touchscreen and graphics display, our QScreen Controller has its own full-featured real time software drivers and development software, the Graphics Converter, GUI Builder, and GUI Toolkit runtime engine.

Wildcard I/O Modules

You can expand the I/O of any of Mosaic's Controller products using simple, plug-in Wildcards. Wildcards are available for most common I/O needs, from high precision A/D conversion to high power isolated AC control. Need something special? We can design a specialized I/O module just for your application.

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