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Appendix C: Schematics

Electrical schematics for the QCard Controller embedded computer and Docking Panel power supply

The QCard Controller Starter Kit comprises two PC boards, designated the QCard Board and the PowerDock Board.

  • The QCard Controller Single Board Computer (SBC) contains the Freescale 68HC11 microcontroller, RAM and Flash memory, digital input-output (I/O), and A/D.
  • The PowerDock Board contains power conditioning, an additional Wildcard IO expansion port, power switch, power jack, and DB-9 serial connectors.
  • This Appendix provides complete circuit schematics for each board.
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For more complete information about the QCard headers listed on this page, please see Getting to Know Your QCard Controller. Other pages in this QCard Controller Users Guide provide information on how to code C-language instrument control applications using the board.

QCard schematics

QCard signal directory

Signal Directory

Figure C-1 QCard Signal Directory.


QCard processor

Embedded Processor

Figure C-2 QCard Processor.



Embedded CPLD

Figure C-3 QCard CPLD.


QCard memory

Embedded Memory

Figure C-4 QCard Memory.


QCard serial and reset circuitry

Embedded Serial

Figure C-5 QCard Serial and Reset Circuitry.


QCard real time clock

real time system

Figure C-6 QCard Real Time Clock.


QCard headers

Embedded Circuitry

Figure C-7 QCard Headers.


PowerDock schematic

PowerDock signal directory

Embedded Signals

Figure C-8 PowerDock Signal Directory.


PowerDock power circuitry

Power Circuitry

Figure C-9 PowerDock Power Circuitry.


PowerDock headers

Embedded Circuitry Headers Figure C-10 PowerDock Headers.


PDF schematics

PDF versions of the QCard schematics:

This page is about: Electronic Hardware Schematics for QCard Controller Starter Kit, 68HC11 Processor, RAM and Flash Memory, Digital IO, and ATD Converter, Power Conditioning, Power Switch, Power Jack, and DB-9 Serial Connectors – Schematics for the QCard Controller Starter Kit's two boards: the QCard Controller with 68HC11 processor, RAM and Flash memory, digital IO, and ATD converter; and Docking Panel with high efficiency switching regulator, power switch & jack, and DB-9 serial connectors.