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OEM LCVR Board Dimensions
Mounting and connecting to your liquid crystal variable retarders (LCVR) controller board

The LCVR Driver Wildcard (specifications here) is a small 2"x2.5" printed circuit board (PCB). While it is intended for use with Mosaic's single board computers (specifically with the PDQ Board and the Analog I/O Wildcard), you can also use it as a stand-alone driver board for any nematic liquid crystal device, such as the LC retarders and phase modulators available from Thorlabs, Meadowlark, or Edmund Optics. In that case, you may need details of its geometry, connector placement, and mounting holes.

The following figure shows the precise dimensions of the board.

LCVR Controller Dimensions
Fig. 1  Physical dimensions and mounting holes for the LCVR controller board, also showing the position of the SMB output connector.

Precise positioning of the pins of the connectors for the board are shown in the following diagram;

Liquid Crystal driver board connector placement
Fig. 2  Connector pin placement on the LCVR Wilcard. All dimensions are in inches, and 1 in. = 25.4 mm. Measurements are to pin centers. Connector pins are 0.025” square and the pin centers are separated by 0.1” (2.54 mm) horizontally and vertically.

Further mounting information for the LCVR Wilcard and similar boards may be found here:

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