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I/O Filter Wildcard

Analog I/O Signal Conditioning Filter The I/O Filter Wildcard™ provides a place for prototyping analog circuitry or for filtering or conditioning I/O lines of other Wildcards. Twenty-four I/O lines can be independently filtered, or their signals can be combined in custom ways. Two 24-pin connectors are used for input and output; one generally mates to the field connector of a Wildcard I/O module, while the other connects to your external signals. A third connector accommodates the Wildcard Data Bus, which can be used for power and ground. Up to four through-hole and four surface-mount components can be soldered onto the board to filter each of the 24 I/O lines. This wildcard can provide protection for your microcontroller, data acquisition Wildcards, or external instrumentation hardware.

This tiny 2" by 2.5" board is a member of the Wildcard series of mezzanine boards that connect to Mosaic embedded computers and instrument controllers.


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This page is about: Data Acquisition Signal Protection, IO Filter, Analog Circuit Protection – IO Filter card protects 24 GPIO lines; Attaches directly to microcontroller, but it can also contrition signals in a stand-alone configuration. filter signals, protect io lines, data filtering, gpio, analog