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The I/O Filter Wildcard™
Filtering or signal conditioning of analog I/O lines

prototyping board for analog filter or custom circuits

The I/O Filter Wildcard provides a place for prototyping analog circuitry, or for filtering or conditioning I/O lines of other Wildcards. Twenty-four I/O lines can be independently filtered, or their signals can be combined in custom ways. Two 24-pin connectors are used for input and output; one generally mates to the field connector of a Wildcard I/O module, while the other connects to your external signals. A third connector accommodates the Wildcard Bus, which can be used for power and ground. Up to four through-hole and four surface-mount components can be soldered onto the board to filter each of the 24 I/O lines.

This tiny 2" by 2.5" board is a member of the Wildcard series of mezzanine boards that connect to Mosaic embedded computers and instrument controllers.

Possible Circuits

Here are several of the most commonly needed filtering circuits. For more information, click the documentation link at the bottom of this page.

A) Often voltage attenuation may be needed for A/D measurement as shown in Figure 3A. Resistive dividers are produced simply by inserting through-hole resistors at locations nA and nC for circuit n.
B) RC filters are very useful as anti-aliasing filters when using the Analog I/O Wildcard.
Figure 3B shows the most simple of these.
C) Sometimes an input signal should float to an intermediate voltage between power and ground, or it should be shifted as well as attenuated, as shown in the circuit of Figure 3C.
D) If an input exceeds the voltage levels allowed by your controller or Wildcard, you can clamp the input to the power supply rails using Schottkey diodes as show in Figure 3D.
E) The I/O Filter Wildcard can also serve as a general purpose prototyping board. Figure 3E shows the creation of a 2.5V reference on I/O pin 5 using a precision voltage reference chip and the 5V supply.
More I/O Filtering Circuits

Several of the many input/output filters and other circuits that can easily be configured.

Documentation and Pricing

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