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Keypad/Display Wildcard
Add a 4x20 LCD display and 4x5 keypad to your instrument or controller.

LCD Display Module Keypad

The Keypad/Display Wildcard™ provides a convenient interface to a 4 x 20 character display and 4 x 5 keypad. Combined with Mosaic's QCard Controller or PDQ Board SBC, it is an ideal solution for handheld or space-constrained instrumentation and applications that require a programmable embedded computer and a low cost yet smart user interface.

Measuring only 2" x 2.5", the Keypad/Display Wildcard mounts directly on the Host Board. The Keypad/Display Wildcard is shipped with a 4x20 backlight LCD character display and 4x5 keypad, plus a simple ribbon cable interface that enables custom placement of the keypad and display in your instrument. The Wildcard has an additional field header that brings out 4 nibble-wise programmable input/output lines and 4 input lines which can be addressed by the attached microcontroller.

This tiny 2" by 2.5" board is a member of the Wildcard series of mezzanine boards that connect to Mosaic embedded computers and instrument controllers. A field header brings out the analog I/O signals for the reference, DAC outputs, and A/D inputs. Use it for analog data acquisition, high-resolution analog digital conversion, data logging, measuring thermistors and RTDs, interfacing to analog sensors and actuators, and much more.


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