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Memory Allocation

Learning your way around the RAM, Flash and EEPROM on the PDQ Board Lite

The PDQ Board Lite is a low cost prototyping board, development platform and production board for instrument control and automation. The heart of this development board is its 9S12/HCS12 MCU. All of the memory on the PDQ Board Lite resides on the microcontroller chip, which has plenty of on-chip memory for programming, including:

  • 336 KB (kilobytes) of Flash memory to hold an application program and libraries;
  • 9 KB of RAM for variables and data structures; and,
  • 384 bytes of EEPROM for storage of non-volatile but changeable data such as calibration constants.

The board uses a paged memory scheme to expand its address space. The Flash memory is partitioned into thirty one 16 KB pages and allocated among operating system use (RTOS) and your application as follows:

PDQ Board Lite Memory Allocation
System Memory
Page Address Size Type Use
00 0000 – 03FF 1 KB RAM Processor control registers
00 0400 – 067F 640 B EEPROM Kernel vectors and structures
00 0800 – 1BFF 5 KB RAM Kernel stacks, buffers and task areas
36 - 3E 8000 – BFFF  144 KB Flash Operating system kernel code
00/3F C000 – FFFF 16 KB Flash Common kernel code (addressed at pages 00 or 3F)
Application Memory
Page Address Size Type Use
00 0680 – 07FF 384 B EEPROM Application EEPROM variables
00 1C00 - 3FFF 9 KB RAM Application data and task areas
20 8000 – BFFF 16 KB Flash C runtime initialization
21 – 34 8000 – BFFF 320 KB Flash Application code
35 8000 – BFFF 16KB Flash Mosaic driver firmware
1. The RAM from 0x0800-0x1BFF is used for default queued serial buffers, stacks, a small Forth compile area including variable, dictionary, names areas, and Forth heap.
2. Applications may use queued serial, which uses four 64-byte buffers that are located in the system RAM area.

Figure 1 below shows the memory map as paged memory. The 64 KB address spaces is illustrated vertically, with address 0x0000 at the bottom and 0xFFFF at the top. Addresses in the range 0x8000-0xBFFF are replicated on multiple pages of Flash memory, providing a total of thirty-one, 16 KB pages.

9S12 HCS12 memory allocation of EEPROM Flash and RAM
Fig. 1  The PDQ Board Lite showing the memory map of the 9S12/HCS12 processor. 496 KB of Flash memory is distributed over thirty-one 16 KB pages.

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This page is about: Freescale 9S12 HCS12 MCU Development Board On-chip Memory Allocation for RAM Flash and EEPROM – RAM EEPROM and Flash memory allocation and paging for the PDQ Board Lite, a 9S12 HCS12 MCU development board.