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Push Button ON/OFF Power Control Using MOSFETs

Simple MOSFET transistor circuits allow you to turn ON or OFF electrical devices, instruments and embedded systems with the touch of a button.

Sometimes you want to be able to toggle an electronic instrument ON or OFF by momentarily pushing a single button. Here you'll find several application notes describing micropower latch switch circuits that detect a button press and switch ON and OFF the main power to your embedded system or microcontroller project using high-side MOSFET transistor switches. Because they consume almost no current in the OFF state, they're particularly useful for battery powered portable instruments. These MOSFET circuits are suitable for use in new products, medical devices, analytical instruments, and any microcontroller based embedded system.

Two behaviors are often needed:

  • A Press-ON-Press-OFF toggle switch, in which a short touch of the button latches the circuit ON and another latches it OFF; and,
  • A Press-ON-Hold-OFF toggle switch, in which a short button press latches the circuit ON, but a longer, multisecond button hold is required to turn it back OFF.

The following pages contain useful circuits to implement these functions:

This page is about: Push Button Latch and Toggle Power Circuits Using MOSFETs for Embedded Systems and Instruments – MOSFET high side switches and logic gate latch circuits detect push button presses to switch ON and OFF power to devices and embedded systems. Electronic circuits are presented for ON/OFF power control, inrush current limiting, and controlled shutdown of microncontroller based products. New product design, orderly shut down, power supply controller, MOSFET power switch, limit input surge current