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GPS Function Summary

This page provides a summary of the available driver functions which control the GPS wildcard board. When planning the structure of your global positioning data logger application, this page provides a good overview of the capabilities of GPS Wildcard. Review these functions before beginning instrumentation.

This overview categorizes the driver functions into four groups:

  • Initialization functions initialize the Garman GPS and describe the driver’s data structures; the high level GPS_Init function must be called after each powerup or restart.
  • Data Extraction functions convert ASCII data coming from the Garmin GPS subsystem into usable parameters that describe position, time, speed, and heading. GPS_Update is the highest level data extraction function; it calls GPS_Next_Frame to get ASCII data from the GPS subsystem, and then calls GPS_Frame_Extract to parse the data and store it into the relevant fields in the gps_info structure.
  • Most of the Data Reporting functions fetch the elements from the gps_info structure and return them. They are made available as a convenience, ant their functionality can be mimicked by directly reading the corresponding elements out of the gps_info struct. The GPS_Dump and GPS_Info_Dump routines are serial output functions that are useful during debugging.
  • The Demonstration functions are presented in source code form in the listing at the end of this document.
Data extraction
int GPS_Frame_Extract ( xaddr xbuf, int numchars )
int GPS_Get_Altitude_Fix_Numsats ( xaddr xbuf, int maxchars )
int GPS_Get_Frame (xaddr bufbase,int starting_os,int max_os,int numsentences,int module)
int GPS_Get_Pos_Errors ( xaddr xbuf, int maxchars )
int GPS_Get_Pos_Speed_Course_Time ( xaddr xbuf, int maxchars )
int GPS_Get_Sats_In_View ( xaddr xbuf, int maxchars )
int GPS_Next_Frame ( int module_num )
int GPS_Parse_Altitude_Fix_Numsats ( xaddr xbuf, int dollar_offset, int maxchars )
int GPS_Parse_Pos_Errors ( xaddr xbuf, int dollar_offset, int maxchars )
int GPS_Parse_Pos_Speed_Course_Time ( xaddr xbuf, int dollar_offset, int maxchars )
int GPS_Parse_Sats_In_View ( xaddr xbuf, int dollar_offset, int maxchars )
int GPS_Update ( int module_num )
Data reporting
long GPS_Altitude_Meters_Times_10 ( void )
int GPS_Course_Degrees_Times_10 ( void )
void GPS_Dump ( int module_num )
int GPS_Good_Fix ( void )
void GPS_Info_Dump ( void )
int GPS_Knots_Times_10 ( void )
int GPS_Lat_Degrees ( void )
char GPS_Lat_Hemisphere ( void )
long GPS_Lat_Minutes_Times_10000 ( void )
int GPS_Long_Degrees ( void )
char GPS_Long_Hemisphere ( void )
long GPS_Long_Minutes_Times_10000 ( void )
int GPS_Numsats_In_Use ( void )
int GPS_Numsats_In_View ( void )
gps_default_inbuf [ GPS_BUFSIZE ]
void GPS_Default_UART_Init ( int module_num )
xaddr GPS_Inbuf ( void )
int GPS_Init ( int local_hour_offset, int module_num )
void GPS_Shutdown ( int shutdown_flag, int module_num )
void GPS_Struct_Init ( xaddr gps_info_xbase, xaddr xinbuf, int local_hour_offset )
Demonstration program
void GPS_Demo ( void )
int GPS_Run ( int local_hour_offset, int module_num )
This page is about: Microcontroller GPS Functions, Glossary Summary – Summery of driver functions for Embedded GPS board. Position, speed, heading, latitude, longitude are reported in a ASCII string format. GPS driver, library functions, GPS update, UART, heading, time, speed, position