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QCard/PDQ Board OEM power cable

QCard PDQ Board OEM Power CablePart No. 7P-PowerCable
Price: $15.00

This 18 inch (46 cm) cable facilitates easy power application to the QCard or PDQ Board controllers when they are mounted in your OEM instruments. One end of a 7-wire ribbon cable is unterminated while the other terminates with crimp pins in a 2mm Molex socket. The socket plugs into the power header of the PDQ Board or QCard controller. You generally won't need this cable if you power the PDQ Board or QCard from a DockingPanel, but it is useful if you operate the board separately.


USB to RS-232 adapter

usb to serialPart No. ADAP-USBRS
Price: $30.00

Connects any PCs USB 2.0 port into an RS-232 DE-9 male port for connection to any Mosaic controller. Type A male to 1 DE-9 male, includes 2.5' cable, Windows/Mac/Linux support, 1 Mbps transfer rate, 96 byte buffer. Includes a CD with a driver that must be installed before use. The driver may also be downloaded from FTDI Chip here.


9-Pin QED serial communication cable

serial interface cablePart No. QED-COM-CABLE-9
Price: $15.00

This 12 inch (30.5 cm) ribbon cable interfaces a 10-pin communications header to two 9-pin female RS-232 PC-compatible serial connectors, allowing connection to the Serial 1 and Serial 2 ports of the QED Board, QCard Controller, or PDQ Boards.


9-pin PC serial cable

serial cable interfacePart No. PCC9-232
Price: $15.00

A 6' long 9-pin male to 9-pin female cable. Interfaces the 9-pin female RS-232 connector on your Mosaic controller to a 9-pin male PC-compatible serial connector.


25-Pin PC serial cable

parallel cablePart No. PCC25-232
Price: $19.95

A 6' long 25-pin male to 25-pin female cable. Interfaces the 25-pin female RS-232 connector on the Docking Panel to a 25-pin male PC-compatible serial connector.


Handheld DB9F to DB25M adapter

serial interface up downPart No. HHADAP-9F25M
Price: $15.00

Allows the 9-pin PC serial cable (Part No PCC9-232) to connect to the Mosaic Handheld's bottom-mounted DB-25M serial connector.


Mosaic Handheld 40-Pin Interconnect Cable

scada hmi cablePart No. HH-CABLE-40
Price: $40.00

Board interconnect cable terminated with low-profile .050" (1,27MM) male and female connectors. This cable is useful for development of the Mosaic Handheld, allowing for unit operation while disassembled.


Wildcard Interconnect Cable

i/o module interconnect cablePart No.24P-2"-CABLE
Price: $5.00 ea

IDC-socket-terminated, 2" (5cm) long, 24 conductor ribbon cable for connecting the field headers of adjacent Wildcards.


Prototyping cable set

serial cable kitPart No. DP-Proto-Cable
Price: $19.95

To facilitate prototyping, we offer a cable manufacturing kit, which includes:

  • Two 12" flat ribbon cables with mounted 24-pin IDC sockets for connecting to Mosaic Wildcards;
  • 36" 24-pin flat ribbon cable for custom cable manufacturing;
  • Four additional 24-pin IDC sockets for custom cable manufacturing.

For current specifications see Ribbon Cable Current Rating.


High current ribbon cable connector

High current 24-pin IDC connector and 24 inch 26AWG ribbon cablePart No. IDC24-26AWG-24IN
Price: $14.95

This 24 inch ribbon cable with attached high reliability 24-position IDC connector is ideal for making field connections to the Power I/O Wildcard or PWM Driver Wildcard. The ribbon cable uses a heavier gauge than normal (26AWG vs 28AWG) for greater current capability, and the 3M™ 891 Series IDC socket offers the highest reliability and current capability available. For maximum current specifications and a discussion of current distribution among wires, see Ribbon Cable Current Rating.

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This page is about: Microcontroller Cables and Connectors – Microcontroller cable accessories for Mosaic's embedded computer products, including PC RS232 and RS485 serial cables, power cables with Molex connectors, ribbon cables with IDC connectors, DB-9 to DB-25 adapters.