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USB Function Summary

C language library functions for controlling a USB port

The USB Wildcard™ mezzanine board1) implements a standard USB interface (Universal Serial Bus). It enables a host PC to communicate with any of Mosaic's microcontroller-based single board computers and embedded controllers. It is useful for implementing data acquisition systems, remote data loggers, and instrumentation.

C language functions are provided for sending and receiving characters on the USB port, revectoring serial input to the USB port, managing communications buffers, and setting up tasks to communicate via the USB port.

The following table summarizes the USB serial functions available:

Serial I/O Functions
int USB_Ask_Key ( void )
int USB_Ask_Key_Module ( int module_num )
void USB_Emit ( uchar character )
void USB_Emit_Module ( uchar character, int module_num )
void USB_Flush (int module_num )
uchar USB_Key ( void )
uchar USB_Key_Module (int module_num )
void USB_Revector ( void )
void USB_Send_Immediate_Wakeup (int module_num )
Module Selection Variable
Demonstration Program
void USB_Demo ( void )

This tiny 2" by 2.5" board is a member of the Wildcard series of mezzanine boards that connect to Mosaic embedded instrument controllers.
This page is about: USB Wildcard Driver Library Functions, C Language USB Library – Summary of C language library functions in the USB Wildcard driver library that control the USB port. Functions are provided for sending and receiving serial data, character buffering, revectoring serial communications, and more.