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Using the Multitasking RTOS

Use the multitasking RTOS to organize your C language application programs

C application programs running on real time embedded systems based on the PDQ Board or PDQ Board Lite benefit from their built-in multitasking real time operating system (RTOS). The performance of Mosaic's 9S12/HCS12 MCU-based instrument controllers is greatly enhanced by effective use of their multitasking kernels.

The embedded RTOS provides multitasking services including cooperative and preemptive (timesliced) task switching and scheduling, resource variables for controlling access to shared hardware and software resources, and mailboxes to facilitate inter-process communication.

The following tutorials, example programs and other documentation provide all the guidance you need for understanding pre-emptive and cooperative multitasking on Mosaic's controllers.

Documents about multitasking:
This page is about: Multitasking Real Time Operating System for 9S12 HCS12 Microcontroller – Documents and tutorials for cooperative and pre-emptive multitasking in the C language in real time embedded systems using an RTOS with shared resources and mailbox interprocess communication.