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Forth Benchmarks

Execution times for math functions on the QED Board or QCard Controller

The following are the execution times of common integer and floating point operations within the Forth programming language on the QED Board or QCard Controller using a clock speed of 16 MHz.

Operation Execution time
Integer + or - 4.5 μsec
Integer * 22 μsec
Integer / 49 μsec
F+ F- F* or F/ 90 μsec
FSQRT 840 μsec
FSIN 1.67 msec
FLN 1.3 msec
3x3 Matrix* 9 msec
10x10 Matrix* 0.325 sec
10x10 Matrix inversion 0.515 sec
64-point complex FP FFT 0.335 sec
64-point real integer FFT 0.024 sec
128-point real FP FFT 0.42 sec
Task switch 30 μsec
Interrupt latency 9 μsec
Interrupt exit 5 μsec

The above table illustrates the raw speed of individual operations. In mixed code the speed is less. For example, the raw speed of floating point operations is about 11,000 flops, but it is typically 7300 flops in chained operations and about 6000 flops when operations are combined with fetch and store operations.

Likewise, integer operations can be done at about 38,000 operations per second, but in mixed code with operands fetched from variables and results stored to variables the speed is about 15,000 operations per second.

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