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Docking Panels and PowerDocks

mechanical and electronic platform for single board computer

Introduction to the Docking Panel

The Docking Panel™ provides a mechanical and electronic platform for Mosaic's single board computers: the QCard Controller and the PDQ Board, and for the modular I/O plug-in boards called Wildcards. Measuring only 4" x 2.5", the Docking Panel/SBC/Wildcard solution packs a lot of control and I/O capability into a compact form factor.

The combination of the Docking Panel, the QCard or PDQ Board, and the I/O Wildcards provides a custom off-the-shelf solution for instrumentation and control applications that require an embedded computer and a customized complement of analog, digital and communications I/O. The Docking Panel hosts a 1 amp 5 volt switching power supply, dual DB-9 and optional dual DB-25 serial connectors, a power jack, a master power switch, plus the Controller Board's and Wildcards' interface connectors onto a compact card. The serial connectors, jack and switch are designed for easy mounting to an instrument back panel.

cover plate for SBC platformAn optional Cover Plate (p/n CP) simplifies enclosure mounting and provides a clean solid appearance.

The Docking Panel mates with the programmable QCard or PDQ Board, providing these single board computers with clean regulated 5V power, and bringing out their dual serial ports to convenient connectors. The Docking Panel also hosts up to 8 Wildcards in two stacks of up to 4 Wildcards each.

mechanical and electronic platform for single board computerThe Slim PowerDock (p/n PDS) is ideal for space-constrained applications. It provides power and convenient connectors and switches for the QCard and for up to 4 Wildcards. Measuring just 2" x 2.5", it hosts a high-efficiency 1 amp 5 volt switching power supply, dual DB9 serial connectors, I/O connectors, a power jack, and a power switch.

The Wildcards implement a wide variety of user interface, communications, data acquisition and control capabilities.

You can select the Wildcards that meet your needs to configure a cost-effective customized controller for your application. If you need something special, we'll work with you to customize Wildcards for your volume application.



  • 8 to 26 VDC unregulated DC input
  • Supplies 5V @ 1.1A
  • Onboard switching power regulation, EMI filter and surge protection


  • 2 DB-9 serial connectors, each brings out RS232/485 serial port from the QCard or PDQ Board
  • 2 optional DB-25 serial connectors to easily route IO to the back panel of your instrument and make connection via a standard DB-25 cable
  • 2.1mm female power jack
  • 1 (slim version) or 2 (wide version) 24-pin dual row 0.1" pitch Wildcard bus connector to host up to 4 or 8 Wildcard modules
  • 10-pin dual row 0.1" pitch serial communications connector
  • 4-pin 0.1" pitch keyed Molex power connector brings out raw Vin, regulated +5V, GND, and VBAT (optional off-board battery supply for QCard/PDQ Board real-time clock and RAM backup)

I/O Expansion

  • QCard directly hosts 4 Wildcards with a slim PowerDock; while with the Docking Panel it hosts up to 8 Wildcards
  • PDQ Board directly hosts up to 8 Wildcards
  • Wildcards provide additional I/O for:
    • Ethernet, WiFi communications
    • GPS
    • 16- or 24-bit resolution A/D
    • 12-bit D/A
    • Isolated AC or DC solid state relays
    • Compact Flash mass memory card
    • Logic level, high voltage, and high current digital I/O
    • Fully buffered dual RS232, RS422 or RS485 up to 56Kbaud
    • 4 x 20 character display and 5 x 4 keypad
    • and much more...


  • Process Control
  • Robotics
  • Instrument Control
  • Laboratory Automation
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Product Upgrades
  • Data Logging
  • Smart Front Ends
  • Temperature Control
  • Solenoid Control
  • Valve Control
  • Signal Processing
  • Communications

Ordering Information

Products Part No
Docking Panel

4"x2.5" mechanical and electrical platform for mounting a QCard or PDQ Board and up to 8 Wildcards. Provides a switching 5V power supply,a power jack, a master power switch, and dual DB-9 connectors.


Docking Panel with a DB-25 option

features additional DB25 I/O connectors


Docking Panel with a DB-25 option and a Cover Plate

features additional DB25 I/O connectors and a cover plate, that simplifies enclosure mounting and provides a clean solid appearance


Slim PowerDock

PowerDock 2" x 2.5" slim version provides power and convenient connectors and switches for the QCard and up to 4 Wildcards


Prototyping Cable Set

To facilitate protoyping, we offer:
- Two 12" flat ribbon cables w/ 24-pin IDC sockets for connecting to Wildcards
- 36" 24-pin flat ribbon cable for custom cable manufacturing
- Four additional 24-pin IDC sockets for custom cable manufacturing


DB25 Extension Cable

DB25 male to DB25 female extension cable assembly, 6ft long, interfacing the 25-pin female RS-232 connector on the Docking Panel to a 25-pin male PC-compatible serial connector.


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