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The PWM Driver Wildcard™
Add High Current Peripherals to Your Instrument

optically isolated open drain DC outputs

Mosaic's new PWM Driver Wildcard makes it a snap to interface high current peripherals to your instrumentation or automation project and offers high precision current sensing with a programmable gain.

A pulse width modulated (PWM) signal is a periodic digital output waveform with a controlled period, duty cycle, and polarity. These waveforms are used to drive stepper motors, servo-motors, AC and DC relays, LEDs, and many other actuators.

The PWM Driver Wildcard, intended for use with Mosaic's new PDQ product line, converts the PDQ Board's logic-level PWM outputs to the high current drive required of heaters, solenoids, control valves, motors and relays.

The PWM Driver Wildcard features 8 channels of up to 5A current each with field voltages up to 26V; fast PWM switching, and 4 channels of current sensing with user-configurable gain.

A logic high (5VDC) placed on one of the inputs turns on its corresponding output. Two different field supplies each serving 4 channels can be used for controlling devices that require different voltages. Each of the PWM Driver's channels provides a MOSFET switch to turn ON/OFF current into the controlled device.

The PWM Driver Wildcard includes pre-coded software to easily configure the period, duty cycle, active state, alignment, resolution, and clock source of each PWM output.


  • 8 channels of up to 5A current each with field voltages to 26V
  • One or two independent field voltages, each powering 4 channels
  • Fast PWM switching, <0.5 μsec turn ON/OFF times
  • 4 channels of current sensing with user-configurable gain
  • Field connections to a standard 24-pin header or to solder holes
  • 5A per channel at low PWM frequencies, 3.4A total for each set of 4 channels for high frequency PWM

Pre-coded Software

Precoded device drivers provide high-level functions for turning on, turning off, and toggling the output lines, for reading back the state of the outputs, and for reading the inputs.

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