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Mosaic Industries provides a suite of software development tools to simplify your programming. These comprehensive tools include an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with editor and terminal, C and Forth compilers, assembler, interactive debugger, multitasking operating system, modular device drivers, precoded libraries, Graphical User Interface (GUI) toolkit with its source code generator, and a graphics image converter. Extensive documentation with precoded sample programs helps you finish your application development quickly.

QED forth embedded development software Integrated Development Environment editor and C compiler graphics converter and GUI builder terminal for program download RTOS Real-Time Operating System firmware libraries user interface and I/O device drivers

You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to develop your application using the IDE. Quick, easy development is facilitated by a wealth of precoded software. Mosaic's multitasking controllers include a well crafted operating system, hundreds of precoded library functions, and I/O device drivers. The comprehensive development software comes free of charge on each Mosaic controller, providing multitasking services and device driver functions that can be invoked from either C or Forth. All this code is prepackaged in on-board firmware, so you can build your application on a firm foundation.

Ordering Information

Products Part No
QED-Forth Development Software

Provided free of charge with the purchase of any of Mosaic's embedded products.


C Development Software

Provides a C cross-compiler, assembler and linker that run on your PC. Contact us about a discount with the purchase of any of Mosaic's starter kits.


Mosaic Terminal Program

Free download from this website.


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