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The Digital I/O Wildcard™ adds 20 more digital inputs and outputs to your embedded controller.

20 digital I/O points with pull-up, pull-down, and tri state operation
  • 16 channels I/O configurable in groups of four as inputs or outputs
  • 4 additional digital inputs
  • Each line is configurable for pull-up, pull down, or tri-state operation
  • Outputs sink up to 24 mA or source up to 4 mA

This tiny 2" by 2.5" board is a member of the Wildcard series of mezzanine boards that connect to Mosaic embedded computers and instrument controllers.

Ideal for pulse width modulation (pwm) control, the Digital I/O Wildcard adds plenty of programmable digital I/O to your embedded controller. In addition to 4 dedicated digital inputs, you can configure up to 16 more channels for either input or output. Each I/O line is also easily configured for pull-up, pull-down, or tri-state operation. This allows you to set the appropriate level of each I/O line in the interval between power-up and software initialization.

Pre-coded software drivers allow you to configure the I/O lines as either inputs or outputs in groups of four, initialize, read from, and write to the lines.

Output sink capability is sufficient to directly drive LEDs, electromagnetic actuators, and other low power devices.


Configurable Channels: 16, configurable as input or output in groups of 4
Fixed Input Channels: 4
Input Voltage Range: 0 - 5 V ( -0.5 to 5.5 absolute max)
Input Low Voltage: < 0.80 V
Input High Voltage: > 2.0 V
Input Leakage Current: ± 10 uA
Output Voltage Range: 0 - 5 V ( -0.5 to 5.5 absolute max)
Output Low Voltage: < 0.5 V at 24 mA
Output High Voltage: > 3.5 V typ., 5.0 V pulled up, > 2.4 V at -4.0 mA
Output Current: 24 mA sink, 4 mA source
Pull up/down
Optional Pull-up/down: 10 KOhm, jumper selectable pull up/down

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