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The Compact Flash Wildcard™
Removable storage, file transfer with PCs, and field upgrades for your instrument.

compact flash card interface includes drivers for FAT file system

The Compact Flash Wildcard is ideal for applications that require large amounts of memory, the convenience of removable storage, and file-based data exchange with a PC. It allows you to plug in widely available Compact Flash memory cards that measure only 1.5" by 1.7" and hold many megabytes of nonvolatile data. Inexpensive form-factor adapters let you plug a CF Card into your laptop's PCMCIA socket for fast and easy file exchanges. This tiny 2" by 2.5" board is a member of the Wildcard series of mezzanine boards that connect to Mosaic embedded computers and instrument controllers..

Built-in Software

Built-in software running on the companion Mosaic controller implements C file manipulation functions and supports a standard DOS- and Windows-style "FAT" (File Allocation Table) file system, allowing files to be created on a PC and read via the CF Wildcard, or visa versa. An automated file processing capability facilitates fool-proof software upgrades and data exchanges.

File Management Functions

A comprehensive set of file management functions modeled on the ANSI C file library lets you create, open, close, read, write, rename, copy and delete files. Other software features include directory listing commands that behave like the DOS DIR command, printing and file capture commands, and a powerful redirection capability that allows any function to take its input from a specified file and send its output to a specified file. This set of functions allows files to be managed from within the QED and/or the PC environment.

Automated File Loading and Execution

Fool-proof software upgrades are facilitated by the automated file processing feature. You can specify one or more files to be automatically loaded to or from the QED Board's memory at startup. This powerful capability enables field software upgrades that are accomplished by simply inserting a pre-configured CF Card into the CF Wildcard socket.


Memory Sizes Available: Compact FLASH cards of 256 Mbyte +
File Format: DOS/Windows compatible FAT-12 and FAT-16
Compatability: File exchange with any Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, or XP machine using standard PMCIA socket.
Application Interface: ANSI C file manipulation functions including create, open, close, read, write, rename, copy and delete. Directory listing, file_type and file_capture commands
File Transfer: Files can be created, read, and modified on either the Mosaic or Windows platforms.
Automated File Processing: Files may be automatically executed on startup, input/output piped from/to any file, and controller programs automatically upgraded.

Documentation and Pricing

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