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Wildcard™ Carrier Board

Customize your I/O by stacking up to eight specialized I/O modules on this small memory-rich backplane.

plug-in expansion I/O modules carrier board
  • Stack up to eight Wildcard I/O modules
  • Provides memory expansion to 512K RAM and 512K FLASH
  • Efficient 5V switching regulator

Mosaic's QED Flash Board and Panel-Touch Controller contain plenty of I/O for most applications. They host two serial ports, a direct interface to a graphics display and touchscreen, A/D and D/A, timer-controlled digital I/O lines, and high-current drivers.

But many applications also require unique combinations of specialized I/O. For these we have Wildcards - small (2.5"x2.0"), stackable I/O expansion boards, including digital I/O, A/D, D/A, and relays - that you can mix and match to create your own custom system

Wildcards stack up on the Wildcard Carrier Board providing unprecedented I/O density. This modular design, with careful consideration given to manufacturing and maintenance requirements, is well suited to both small and large applications, to both instrumentation and automation projects, and where cost and physical size are critical.

The Wildcard™ Carrier Board provides an interface between the QED Flash Board or Panel-Touch Controller and up to eight Wildcard Modules. It hosts two Wildcard Module Port Connectors; up to four Wildcards can be stacked on each.

The Wildcard Carrier Board also vastly expands the amount of code storage of the QED Flash Board by adding up to 512k of Flash and 512K of RAM (128K of each provided in the standard version). The additional memory is useful for code, graphics, and data storage.

Ordering Information

Products Part No
Wildcard Carrier Board

Mates directly to a QED Board or Panel Touch Controller to host up to 8 WildCards. Comes in two configurations:
with 128KB RAM and socketed 128KB FLASH (WCB-1-M)
with 512KB RAM and 512KB FLASH (WCB-5F5R)


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