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Panel-Touch Controller

Legacy Product

Panel-Touch embedded controller with HMI

The Panel Touch Controller is a legacy product not available for new customers. If you're looking for a HC11-based integrated touchscreen controller programmable in C or Forth, consider Mosaic's QScreen™ Controller, which is compatible with our all of our Wildcard™ Modular I/O Boards.

For existing customers looking for Panel Touch documentation, see a summary of specifications below, or download full documentation PDF files here.

Technical Specifications


  • 16 MHz 68HC11F11
  • Address space expanded to 8 MB

Digital to Analog Conversion

  • 8 channels of 8 bit multiplying D/A conversion, cascadable

Onboard Memory

  • 256K Flash
  • 128K RAM
  • 320 bytes EEPROM available


  • 40 pin digital I/O
  • 40 pin analog I/O
  • 40 pin address/data bus
  • 10 pin serial communications
  • 6 pin power connector
  • Enhanced version provides additional connectors


  • 21 interrupts support I/O subsystems

Runtime Security

  • Watchdog timer
  • Clock monitor

Touchscreen/Display User Interface

  • 128 x 240 pixel graphics display
  • 2.5" by 4.5" display area
  • 16 lines of text with 40 characters per line
  • Software controlled CCFL backlight
  • Bright, high contrast display
  • 4-row by 5-column transparent touchscreen

Analog to Digital Conversion

  • 8 channels of 8 bit A/D at up to 100 kHz sampling rate
  • 8 channels single-ended or 4 channels differential 12 bit A/D at up to 30kHz sampling rate with unipolar (0 TO 5V) or bipolar (-5 TO 5V) input

Digital Input and Output

  • 28 user-configurable I/O lines including 3 or 4 input capture functions, 4 or 5 output compare functions and a pulse accumulator

High Current Drivers

  • Four open-drain MOSFETs with onboard snubbers drive 150 mA continuously or 1 amp intermittently


  • Input +5V or 6-12 VDC at 450 mA
  • Onboard regulation with digital shutdown
  • Power fail early warning
  • EMI filter
  • Onboard surge protection


  • RS232 or RS485 hardware UART at up to 19.2 Kbaud
  • RS232 software UART at up to 4800 baud
  • Fast synchronous serial peripheral interface at up to 2 megabaud

Real-Time Clock

  • Optional real-time clock