The Fine Print

Orders may be placed by phone, email, or mail.

Payment Terms

We welcome orders by Visa, MasterCard, COD, check or wire transfer. NET 30 terms are available upon approval of a credit application. Please allow one week to setup NET 30 accounts. International customers (except Canada) must prepay by wire transfer. All payments must be in US dollars and be drawn on a US bank.

Quantity Discounts

Discounts are generally 10% in quantities 10-49, 15% in quantities 50-99, and 20% in quantities over 100. Some products are subject to different discount schedules. Volume discounts are calculated on a per-shipment basis. Mosaic Industries, Inc. reserves the right to make changes to products, prices or documentation without notice. Quantity discounts are not given to customers paying by credit card.

Limited Hardware Warranty

Mosaic will repair or replace within 90 days of purchase any QED Board containing defects in material or workmanship. Products that have suffered damage inflicted by the customer (for example by removal or modification of on-board components or exposing the board to out-of-specification voltages that cause component damage) are NOT covered by this warranty. Any product returned for repair under warranty or otherwise to Mosaic Industries must have a valid Return Material Authorization Number (RMA#).


Product returned for repair must be accompanied by a valid Return Material Authorization Number (RMA#) obtained by calling Mosaic Industries. Products should be returned, shipping prepaid, where Product under warranty will be repaired or replaced at no additional charge to Customer.

Buyer may return product that is not under warranty for a complete diagnostic test. Buyer will be charged a $50. fee per board-level product for the test. The fee is waived if the Buyer decides to have the product brought up to full functionality, in which case the non-functioning board will be repaired or replaced for the full purchase price.

Product Evaluation and Product Returns

To allow evaluation of our product, we ask that you obtain prior written approval for an evaluation period and place a purchase order for the goods with net 30 terms (subject to approval of credit). During the 30 day period we encourage you to take advantage of our free technical support. At the end of 30 days, you may either pay the original invoice and keep the product, or return the product shipping prepaid in saleable condition and pay only the invoiced shipping and handling charge. To return the product you must first call and obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number from Mosaic Industries. There is a 15% restoking fee for Product returned after 30 days from the date of purchase. In either case, returned goods must be in saleable condition.

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