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M68HC11 Datasheets

Motorola's datasheets and reference manuals for the M68HC11 MCU

At its heart the QCard Controller uses the Motorola MC68HC11F1 microcontroller unit (MCU). Motorola provides datasheets and reference manuals for this processor, which we also provide here for your convenient download. These manuals are valuable aids in the development of M68HC11 applications as they provide detailed descriptions of all internal subsystems and functions.

These pdf manuals also provide practical applications that demonstrate the operation of each of the MCU's subsystems. These applications are treated as complete systems, including hardware/software interactions and tradeoffs.

The following manuals are available for you to download:

  • M68HC11 Reference Manual – This manual provides block diagrams and programming descriptions of each of the procesor's hardware subsystems. It describes algorithms and methods for using each subsystem efficiently and effectively.
  • MC68HC11F1 Technical Data – This reference describes the bit-by-bit functions of each of the processor's ports and internal registers and how to use them.
  • MC68HC11F1 Assembly Programming Guide – This assembly language reference guide details the operation of every instruction, including addressing modes, opcode map, and execution times.
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