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Compatible Controllers

The following Controller Boards are compatible with the Digital I/O Wildcard


The Digital I/O Wildcard is ideal for instrumentation, automation, and control applications. It expands the digital IO capabilities of Mosaic embedded controller boards. This 2" x 2.5" card provides 16 channels configurable in groups of four as either inputs or outputs plus 4 additional digital input channels. Each output line is configurable for pull up, pull down, or tri-state operation and can directly drive logic devices, LEDs (light emitting diodes) and relays.

This page is about: Digital Input Output, Compatible Controller Board – A list of SBCs that are capable of hosting the Digital I/O Wildcard. Digital Input, Digital Output, GPIO, CPLD, pull up, pull down, tri-state, Output sink 24 mA, output source 4 mA