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Signal Conditioning Wildcard

Microcontroller I/O board for data acquisition contains an op-amp signal conditioning amplifier, filter, current to voltage, and voltage to current converter for microcontroller analog inputs and outputs, 4-20mA current loop transmitter and receiver The Signal Conditioning Wildcard™ is used with the Analog I/O Wildcard to increase its input and output voltage range and to add 4-20 mA current input and output capability.

The Signal Conditioning Wildcard amplifies four DAC outputs on the Analog I/O Wildcard to provide 0 to 10V outputs and attenuates four Analog Data Acquisition (A/D) inputs to allow voltages up to 10 volts. It also converts the other four DAC outputs on the Analog I/O Wildcard to 0 to 20 mA outputs and converts the other four A/D inputs to 0 to 20 mA inputs. Adding this Wildcard to your microcontroller allows you to interface a larger range of devices, and removes the needs for custom amplifier circuit design.

The Signal Conditioning Wildcard requires an accompanying Analog I/O Wildcard to function properly.

4-20mA Transmitter/Receiver

For signal conditioning and conversion, the Signal Conditioning Wildcard can act as a 4-20mA transmitter or receiver by converting between current and voltage. For transmitting, the Analog I/O Wildcard puts out voltage and the Signal Conditioning Wildcard converts that to a current to send it as a 4-20mA current signal to other instrumentation devices, such as valves, flow controllers, heaters or motors that need to be controlled with it.

It also acts as a receiver. It will receive a 4-20mA current loop coming from a sensor (for example, a pressure transducer) and convert it to a voltage that the Analog I/O Wildcard can read.

The Signal Conditioning Wildcard is easily customized for other input/output voltage or current ranges.


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