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AC Relay Wildcard

Optically isolated, solid-state AC relays (AC SSR) control AC line operated devices

I/O interface board contains optically isolated AC Solid State Relays using Crydom AC solid state relay modules

The AC Solid State Relay Wildcard™ gives you independent control of up to four, 5 amp AC devices. Each AC relay is fully isolated from the others and switches at zero crossings of the AC line. These solid state opto-isolated relays (SSRS) are manufactured by Crydom and provide excellent reliability with a long life. Connect your AC Load to the easy to use Screw Terminal Connectors. Use the AC Solid State Relay WildCard to turn on and off larger relays, motors, pumps, heaters, refrigerators, valves, and fans.


Ordering AC relay modules

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If you have just purchased the AC Relay Wildcard

For guidance on using the Wildcard for instrumentation, take a look at the following documents:

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This page is about: 5 Amp Embedded System AC Relays, Opto Isolated AC SSR (Solid State Relay Control), Control Crydom AC Relays – Four Solid State AC Relays provide long life and excellent reliability when controlling AC Loads with a microcontroller. Its optically isolated Crydom AC SSRs control solenoids, pumps, motors, heaters, valves, relays, fans or other AC loads. Switching occurs at zero crossing of the AC line. Screw terminals allow easy wiring. 5 Amp, AC Relays, Device Control, AC Load, Screw Terminal, AC Device, Zero crossing switch