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Searching the Documentation Web

Search using the site's search box, or by right-clicking links in the navigation menu.

You can search the entire Documentation Web using the Search box at the top right corner of your window.

To use it, just type in your search term. You can precede your keywords with
    + to include a word, and,
     to exclude a word in your query.
If you don't use a modifier, + is assumed.

You may search for exact phrases by enclosing them with double quotes. And you can do a partial search by adding a * wildcard, e.g. searching for net will only find net, but searching for *net will find internet as well as net.

In most browsers if you double click in the search box you should also get a drop down list of prior search terms.

Once you find the document or page you want, you can find a word or phrase on it by using your browser's search facility (Ctrl-F).


Restricting your search to particular user guides

You can restrict your search to only portions of the documentation web. If you right click on an item in the left navigation bar you should get a drop down list of actions. There you can click on Search here to search within that particular folder and all its descendent folders and pages.


Searching by pagenames

Each page of this documentation web has a title, which you see at the top of the page and in the navigation box, and an internal pagename, which appears just under the bottom of the page pane. This page's title is "Searching the Documentation Web", but its page name is "search".

You can enter the beginning of a pagename into the search box and wait half a second. In most modern browsers you will automatically get a popup box just to the left of the search box with matching pagenames. Clicking on one should take your there.


You can search a single page by using your browser's search facility. In that case you open the browser's search through its menu or by pressing Ctrl-F.


Finding tagged pages

This page is about: Searching Mosaic Embedded Controller Documentation Web – You can search all of Mosaic's embedded computer documentation and user guides using the site's search form or by right clicking on any link of the navigation menu and choosing "Search here" mediawiki, wiki, keyword search