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C Standard Library

The Mosaic IDE Plus provides the applicable functions required by the POSIX standard for C programming, including most notably the printf() family and many mathematical routines, using the Newlib open-source library. Not all functions provided by Newlib have meaningful implementations for Mosaic's PDQ Board; for instance, there is no file system, so all file read operations return characters read from the default serial port using Key(), and all file write operations send characters to the default serial port using Emit().

Documentation for the implementation of C standard library functions in Newlib is provided on these pages:

c-ide-software-development:learning-c-programming-language:gnu-c-manual.jpg More generally, the Mosaic IDE for the QCard incorporates a proprietary C compiler, while the Mosaic IDE Plus for the PDQ Board launches the GNU C (GCC) compiler, an open source ANSI C standard compiler ported to the Freescale 9S12/HCS12 microcontroller. The Mosaic IDE Plus compiles C software programs using the GNU Development Chain for the 68HC11 & 68HC12. Customized device drivers are provided to speed the development of your software application.

For details of the GNU C implementation you can consult the following references:

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