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QED Product Design Kit

product development kit

Introduction to QED Product Design Kit

Rapidly Prototype Your Instruments

The QED Product Design Kit saves you time and effort by integrating all the ingredients of an impressive user-friendly instrument, including the powerful QED computer board, analog and digital I/O, serial communications, keypad and display. A handy prototyping board with built-in address decoding logic makes it easy to interface the QED Board to your custom electronics. Built-in device drivers and pre-wired interfaces make the hardware easy to use so you can concentrate on the creative and unique aspect s of your product. And with the QED Board's advanced programming environment you'll be up and running in no time.

Turn Your Smart Product Ideas Into Reality

The QED Board supports your product from idea to production. With the QED Product Design Kit you can quickly prototype and debug your instrument. And when your prototype is done, the application software is easily installed on the QED Board in your prod uction instrument. OEM users can take advantage of the QED Board's economical volume discounts.


  • The QED Board with 60 I/O lines, real-time clock, and 160K battery-backed RAM
  • An aluminum instrument enclosure houses all of the hardware
  • In addition to the installed QED Board and prototyping board, there is room for two additional 3.2" x 4.0" circuit boards to accommodate a wide variety of custom electronics
  • Two 25-pin serial communications connectors and a power jack reside on the back of the enclosure
Prototyping Board
  • 3.2" x 4.0" with standard 0.1" spaced holes to accommodate wire wrap or soldered electronic components
  • A 40-pin connector and address decoding logic chip are mounted on the board
Size and Weight
  • 8.0" x 12.5" x 4.0" (rear height), with 8.0" x 6.4" front panel sloped at 30º
  • The kit weighs 3.4 lbs (including power supply)
Keypad and Display
  • A 4 row by 5 column keypad and a 4 line by 20 character LCD display are built in
Power Supply
  • Wall mount supply provides 6 VDC at 500mA
  • Interface cables for the keypad/display, dual RS232 serial ports, and QED power are installed inside the enclosure
  • An external 25 pin RS232 cable connects the Industrial Control System to any PC-compatible terminal

Ordering Information

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QED Product Design Kit

Everything you need to rapidly prototype an instrument is included. This pre-assembled kit includes a QED-Flash Board outfitted with 256K flash and 128K battery-backed RAM, onboard QED-Forth development environment, real-time clock, power supply, serial cable, 5 x 4 keypad, 4 x 20 character display, prototyping board, comprehensive documentation package, plus a versatile instrument enclosure with mounting hardware for your computer, electronics, keypad, and display.


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