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Table of Contents




Flash Card

Connecting To the Wildcard Bus

Selecting the Wildcard Address

Installing the CF Card

CF Card Software Package User Guide and Glossary

How To Install the CF Software

Using the Driver Code with C

Using the Driver Code with Forth

CF Card Software

Categorized List of Functions and Constants

ATA Failure Codes

ATA Primitives

CF Card Information


File Access and Position Modes

File I/O

File Processing

File System Error Handling


Overview of Glossary Notation

Using the File System Functions

Commonly Used Terms

String Parameters and the Use of THIS_PAGE

Access Privileges

Root Directory Only and File Name Restrictions

File Position Indicator

Error Handling

Real-Time Clock on the Host Computer Enables Time/Date Marking of Files 12


Automatic Initialization and File Processing

Upgrade note for former Memory Interface Board (MIB) Users

How To Create and Use an AUTOEXEC.QED File

Compile a Program into Flash Memory

Create a Set of Image Files

Transfer the Image File Contents into Memory

Restrictions on Software Upgrades

Recovering from Buggy AUTOSTART.QED Files

Compact Flash Card Software Package Main Glossary

Upgrade Notice for Prior Users of the Memory Interface Board

Sample FILEDEMO.C File (pdf)

Sample FILEDEMO.4th File (pdf)

CF Wildcard Hardware Schematic

The Compact-Flash Wildcard and
CF Card Software Package User Guide

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Upgrade Notice for Prior Users of the Memory Interface Board

The predecessor to the CF Wildcard was the Memory Interface Board (MIB) which hosts a PCMCIA PC Card using software that is built into the QED Kernel Flash. This software was linked (made accessible to interactive calls) by calling Link_File_IO, and set up its data structures on dedicated RAM resident on the MIB itself. The "Do_Autoexec" function was embedded as part of the kernelís startup procedure, and so did not have to be explicitly included in a Priority Autostart function. Also, there was no "module number" to keep track of. The C library calls were declared and defined in the \fabius\include\mosaic\ataflash directory, in files ataflash.c and ataflash.h. These files cannot be used with the CF Wildcard.

Programmers should follow the instructions presented in the section titled "How to Install the CF Software" presented above.

While most of the MIB/ATA software is unchanged from the programmerís point of view, the following changes have been made:

These functions are no longer needed and have been deleted:


The variable


has been deleted. Its value can be accessed using the FI function.

These functions have been added:


The Link_File_IO function is no longer needed and should never be called. If called, it would load the headers for the obsolete MIB software in the QED V4.xx kernel. Note that the Arm_Autoexec and Disarm_Autoexec functions are no longer implemented. Moreover, because the CF Card Software is not a built-in part of the QED-Forth kernel, the allowed contents of the AUTOSTART.QED file may be restricted, depending on whether the CF Card Software Forth headers in library.4th are loaded into memory.

Init_File_System now locates the required data structures in the top 16 Kbytes of page 3, instead of in the RAM located on the MIB itself.

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