Remotely Control Your Instrument Anywhere in the World with the PDQ Board

low cost expandable embedded single board computer uses as fast 68hcs12 Freescale microcontroller with 8 pwm counter/timer digital I/O and 16 10-bit analog A/D inputs, programmed in C language or Forth

Use this versatile low-cost board for any embedded application, whether it is data acquisition, measurements, PWM, interfacing to sensors and actuators, embedded webserver, motor control or scientific instrumentation. With its powerful Freescale HC12 processor, the PDQBoard can do it all 8 times faster [more..]

Accurate Thermocouple Measurements Made Easy

accurate thermocouple measurements data acquisition The Thermocouple Measurement Wildcard is designed to allow easy measurement of wide ranging temperatures from -250°C up to +1200°C. The TCM Wildcard delivers built-in cold junction compensation and pre-coded curve fitting for accurate temperature measurement in your instrument control application. Measure one or two temperatures over wide temperature ranges using Type B, E, J, K, N, R, S or T thermocouples. Mix and match the TCM Wildcard with any of the growing family of Wildcards.[more..]

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websocket remote control

With the help of WebSocket technology, control your I/O-rich instrument in real time, locally or remotely, from a tablet or a smart phone.

Using a web browser and a few mouse clicks you will be able check the status, pinpoint problems, diagnose faults, and download updates or software fixes directly to the instrument anywhere in the world without ever leaving your desk.


Web-enable your embedded controller with the EtherSmart Wildcard™ or the WiFi Wildcard

ethernet-able wildcard

The EtherSmart Wildcard provides wired Ethernet connectivity, and the WiFi Wildcard provides wireless 802.11b/g connectivity. With either of these cards, connect to your programmable controller from a web browser to monitor its status, diagnose problems or update its software. Mosaic’s new Web Front Panel makes it all possible.

The Web Front Panel is a collection of libraries that run both on your Mosaic Controller and on your tablet or smart phone. It uses a standard web browser as a universal tool to display data and provide control. The Web Front Panel is compatible with Apples iOS for iPhone and iPad, Android, and Windows, and any modern browser including Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.[more..]

New Product Spotlight

Use PWM Driver Wildcard with Your PDQ Board for Easy High-Current Device Integration

PWM WildcardMosaic's new PWM Driver Wildcard makes it a snap to interface high current peripherals to your instrumentation or automation project and offers high precision current sensing with a programmable gain.

Custom off-the-shelf I/O modules for instruments and automation

I/O expansion modules

Expand the I/O options of your programmable controllers by mixing and matching up to eight specialized I/O modules, called WildCards, including 10/100bit Ethernet, USB, GPS, solid state AC and DC relays, 24-bit 7 channel data acquisition, signal conditioning, 20 channel digital I/O, 56KB UART with two additional full-duplex serial ports, compact flash, I/O filter and much more.

All wildcards include precoded device drivers giving you full high level access to their functions.


Hot Products

Conductivity sensing I/O board precisely measures aqueous liquid conductance

conductivity-meter The Conductivity Sensing Wildcard can be used to measure either solution conductivity or total ion concentration of aqueous samples for analytical investigation or process measurement.

Hosted by any Mosaic SBC, the Conductivity Sensing Wildcard provides an easy way to add environmental monitoring to your instrument.

Tiny versatile embedded single board computer is ideal for embedded applications

QCard single board computer for data acquisition and control

The QCard, a tiny low-cost single board computer fits any hand-held or space- constrained applications. Use it alone or with the PowerDock™, the QCard's convenient mechanical and electronic platform.


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