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[Compact-Flash-Embedded-File-System] The Compact Flash Wildcard™ is ideal for applications that require large amounts of memory, the convenience of removable st…pc-interface, remote-device, data-storage
The following Controller Boards are compatible with the UART Wildcard™ • PDQ-Board • QCard-Controller • QScreen-Controller • Handhel…pc-interface, data-display, data-entry, industrial-communications, remote-device
Easily configure Ethernet connectivity for internet access, embedded email, and embedded web servers. This document describes the internet enabled EtherSmart W…remote-device, data-entry, data-display, pc-interface, industrial-communications, internet-cloud
[GPS-Board-Data-Logger] The GPS Wildcard™ tracks your instrument anywhere on the globe. Now you can design a mobile instrument that knows exactly where it is an…data-acquisition, scientific-measurement, remote-device
[LCD-Display-Module-Keypad] The Keypad/Display Wildcard™ provides a convenient interface to a 4 x 20 character display and 4 x 5 keypad. Combined with Mosaic's…data-display, hmi, data-entry, panel-display, remote-device
The following Controller Boards are compatible with the WiFi Wildcard™ • PDQ-Board-Users-Guide • QCard-Users-Guide • QScreen-Controller &…internet-cloud, data-display, data-entry, industrial-communications, pc-interface, remote-device